Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bill Maher "ObamaCare Should Be Rammed down our Throats"

This is how the left views you America.

Maher is liberal hack boycott this guy. He is Anti-America! Bill Maher is something that makes his fellow liberals extremely uncomfortable; a blunt, plainspoken liberal who blurts out whatever is in his head. Liberalism is a religion of denial, and someone speaking the underlying truths about it causes liberals a lot of painful cognitive dissonance. They of course agree with Maher, but it lays waste to their pretense of democracy, bipartisanship and inclusiveness. We see the same thing with Dems in Congress moving to change the fundamental rules on the way Congress works, using the reconciliation process to bypass the Senate and the possibility of a fillibuster to ram socialized healthcare down Americans' throats, because they know what is best for us poor, stupid rubes.

Once again, I have to say it: the seed of the Dem's destruction is in their own astounding arrogance.

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Reaganite Republican said...

What a complete asshole, this guy