Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Failures with Government Health Care & Cash for Clunkers

Obama and the Democrats want to run health Care but they can’t even run “Cash for Clunkers”. Less than 2% of the money has been reimbursed to the Car Dealerships. The train wreck that is the "cash for clunkers" program continues. The program may have triggered an up tick in auto sales, but it has also taken its toll on many car dealers' budgets.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, some dealers have dished out millions in rebates and have yet to be paid back by the government. One dealer in Wisconsin said, "They rolled out the program and told us that we'd get paid in 10 days. It's already been three weeks."

I guess this is the kind of efficiency that we can expect if the government takes over the U.S. health care system.

This is what our Government Option will look like when it takes over and destroys the “Best Health Care System in the World”!

UK SYSTEM: Woman gives birth on pavement 'after being refused ambulance'

A young mother gave birth on a pavement outside a hospital after she was told to make her own way there.
Mother-of-three Carmen Blake called her midwife to ask for an ambulance when she went into labour unexpectedly with her fourth child.
But the 27-year-old claims she was refused an ambulance and told to walk the 100m from her house in Leicester to the city's nearby Royal Infirmary. Click here for full story.

CANADIAN SYSTEM: Thousands of surgeries may be cut in Vancouver.

Vancouver patients needing neurosurgery, treatment for vascular diseases and other medically necessary procedures can expect to wait longer for care, NDP health critic Adrian Dix said Monday.
Dix said a Vancouver Coastal Health Authority document shows it is considering chopping more than 6,000 surgeries in an effort to make up for a dramatic budgetary shortfall that could reach $200 million. Click here for full story.

What is disturbing to me is that we have seen Government try to operate many things and it always fails or results in massive waste and or fraud in addition to never being profitable. Why after seeing Government fail time after time would we trust them to operate anything? Government needs to stay out of our lives. Run the military and essential services that we need and leave us alone!

The only answer to a fiscally responsible government is a conservative one!

We need Smaller Government not a Bigger One!

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