Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pathetic Politician Asks For I.D. Before Allowing Question !

The arrogance of this Politician is almost off the chart. The idea of accusing this man as a plant, when Obama himself rallied up the SEUI, and Acorn, and they came storming into these town hall meetings on buses, probably paid for with tax money. We are fighting a ruling elite that will stop at nothing to impose their egalitarian utopia on America.

Now that the Democrats have found out the value of verifying someone’s identity at a town hall meeting, I wonder if they’ll continue that practice when the 2010 vote takes place and require a photo ID to make sure that the person is actually eligible to vote? I doubt it...the illegals will be allowed to vote as always!


Anonymous said...

Someone had just taken over someone else's question. Just prior to this clip, a person went to the mic pretending to be the person he had chosen from the box. The real person was not happy about that.

Put it into context.

PFFV said...

B.S. The Politician was being a JERK...Period!