Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Indecisive Obama Puts Troops in Danger by Playing Politics

For over 2 weeks now Obama has been more worried about Shoving ObamaCare down our throats than the Safety of our Troops in Afghanistan! He is making deals with the Russians (and alienating our Allies) to fold on the Missile Defense Shield while getting nothing of consequence in return at the same time the Experts say Iran is close to having Medium Range Nuclear Missiles! Mean while we are at war with Terrorists or are they now just Disgruntled Locals and we are the Evil Invaders of their land? Obama is sitting on his hands and Not Sending more much needed troops to Afghanistan!

Obama is a Indecisive Coward! Send the troops the generals are asking for! The Surge that Obama was so dead against in Iraq worked with resounding success now it's time to do the same thing in Afghanistan! If the Surge in Afghanistan Fails then maybe we consider other options but We can Not cut and run like Democrats! We must Fight with our Full Force before backing away and letting the Terrorists Win! Obama is at this time sending strong signals that he is a weak piece of s**t President! We are now seeing just how Radical Obama and his Cronies around him really are!

I tried to look up the General asking for more troops in Afghanistan and found no signifigant reports from our Main Stream Media but guess who is reporting what the American Media should be.....? ALJAZEERA is covering this Story Not the MSM!!! Our Country is So Corrupt we can get the truth from Muslim Media before our own! It makes me want to VOMIT! Our Government is FAILING in EVERY ASPECT! THE MSM IS COMPLICIT AND IN BED WITH THE SCUM IN DC!

Here is the real news from Aljazeera! Take notes NBC,MSNBC,CNN,ABC,CBS,and everyone except Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio!

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