Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mayor Goes Crazy on Reporter that is Doing His Job (Vid)

The mayor of a small South Carolina town has been revealed in a YouTube video to have effectively lost her train of thought in responding to a reporter's question then goes crazy!

"Wow. This lady is mayor?"

The reason for the concern comes in the video revealing the actions and comments of Wellford, S.C., Mayor Sallie Peak, who was responding to a reporter's questions about an order she apparently issued in August.

It banned foot chases by police officers. It apparently came after a law enforcement officer got injured in a chase. Peake explained the suspect "had a piece of crack on him" but the arrest was not worth the expenses of the case for taxpayers.

Her response to that case was no officers "chasing any suspects whatsoever."

The mayor talks about the cost of workers' compensation insurance, the loss of town patrol cars and eventually reacts in mock praise that there was a story.

Among the mayor's remarks:

"I said what I meant and meant what I said."

"Our insurance keeps rising, keeps going up, the taxpayers are paying for this."

"You're trying to twist [my words]."

May God bless you. May God bless you. May God bless you."

"You've got a story, now dress it up."
But those commenting on the PoliceLink forum were astounded:

Let's not chase bad guys because it's dangerous. Then let's not stop cars because that's dangerous. Then let's not drive to work because that's dangerous. In fact let's just get paid to sit at home because it's too dangerous to leave the house.

Stone cold nuts

God help the police officers and the citizens in that town.

How on earth did she get elected mayor with such poor communication skills? Now onto her decision-making skills...

She must thank God every day that the local psychiatric hospital has a work release program.


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