Monday, September 28, 2009

TALE OF TWO PROTESTS: Media Bias On Display

Fox News Compares Media Coverage of Town Halls vs. Left Wing G20 Radicals and Exposes the Huge Difference in Coverage!

Last week Olbermann attacked Sarah Palin 56 times…and never even once mentioned the arrest of the three Islamic terrorists who were about to attack N.Y. on Sept 11!

The MSM is guilty of lying and covering up ALL of their Messiah Obama’s past and liberal voting. They white washed Rev Wright…They did the same about Obama’s LONG TIME friendship with the Marxist terrorist Bill Ayers.

They covered up Obama’s LONG TIME relationship with ACORN and SEIU…and his votes to deny medical help for babies who survived induced abortions…his birth records…his High School and College and Law School records.

They cover up all his associations with the Tides Foundation…The Unions…George Soros.

Even that rat liar Chris Matthews said it is now his job to make Obama successful as a Leftist President.

NBC, CBS,ABC,CNN,PBS..all take calls from Obama’s creepy lying Chief of Staff every day and ask what they should report on and not report on.

So why would it be news that the MSM covered and sympathized with all the violent G-20 Anarchists in Pittsburgh and nothing close to what happened at all the Tea Party Events…like reporting that 1.7 million where in DC a few weeks ago…or that 98% were regular respectful folks who see through Obama and the Democrats and the lies they push…they even called us all Racists and reported on Jimmy Carter and others who have this outrageous claim of racism if you are against Obama’s policies.

Nooooo…the MSM is complicit in treasonous reporting and have been and will be for a long time..

The Hate they show is also unbelievable. This is why all of their numbers are going down the toilet….We are FED UP with them…Obama…and The Socialist Dems and the Lies!

Ignore these Godless liars…Vote ALL Dems out in 2010 and their Messiah in 2012!

H/T Breitbart TV

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