Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why are We Racists Because We Disagree with Obama?

It seems like every Democrat is stepping up to the plate to call opponents of Obama's policies Racists and they should be ashamed of them selves! A former President, current Politicians, famous Hollywood actors and actresses, and even Ex-NBA athletes are jumping on the Name calling Racist Band Wagon! The list gets bigger by the day! They can't look at the facts they just want to Demonize their Opponents as fast as they can!

Former President Jimmy Carter says we are Racists

John Salley: Majority of White America Hates Obama

Janeane Garofalo calls teabaggers & Racists

Maxine Waters Wants Probes To Find Racists

Black Congresswoman Diane Watson If You Disagree with Obama's 'Health Care',You are a Racist

Geraldo Rivera even implies protesters are Racist

The list of Corrupt and/or Inept Thinkers goes on and on!

It seems The Democrats are Playing The Race Card Like Professional Cowards and Do Not Want to discuss The Facts with Common Sense as Always!

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