Sunday, November 22, 2009

Conservative Blog's Shot Across The Bow of all Democrats

Conservative Bloggers are continually fighting for the truth and have become a major force in our media world today. I want to point out several outstanding blogs that should be recognized for their valor.

Reaganite Republican My mentor, always keeps it in perspective and presents his weekly weekend funnies here that always make me laugh as I continually admire his great patriotic work.

Moonbattery has yet another great piece about the suicidal Not-So-Smart Car that is stunning.

Left Coast Rebel is a great blog and is always on top of the issues the MSM ignores. His latest piece
Eeyore Conservatives: Socialism, Obamacare and Surrender points out that we as conservatives need to keep our heads high, don't get down, and keep up the good fight.

Stop the ACLU points out yet another anti-Palin screed and its title is Marriage Hating ‘Psychologist’ Calls Palin a ‘Special Liar’, a very good read.

Riehl World View is a great blog that is always on the cutting edge and points out Sarah Palin's fans are very loyal and deeply dedicated to Sarah, and guess what most of them are female. Dan's piece What's Wrong With This Sarah Palin Event Video? Totally contradicts many left wing nuts that say Sarah's Secretly seducing the Male populous with hidden Sexual undertones. What will they think of next?

"We The People" Will Take our Country Back from the Evil Corrupt Politicians by Any Means Necessary! We Will Not Be Silenced! God Bless all Conservative Freedom Fighters that are Fighting for our Future Generations Way of Life!


Chris said...

Great blog. Keep up the good work. I also have a political blog you might like.

Government Mess said...

Hi Chris I checked out your profile, very nice. Nice blog too sir, thanks for stopping by. I will be checking in from time to time take care my friend.