Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crowd Goes Wild at Sarah's First Book Signing Stop

Dan Calabrese of The North Star National is conducting smart-alecky interviews with Sarah Palin supporters when Palin herself shows up, Video Below.
Sarah Palin is Smart, Beautiful, Strong in Values, and best of all a Conservative Common Sense Thinker! If You think she is stupid you are just a Hater/Dumbocrat Drone that never really listened to her at all. The only way out of this fiscally irresponsible nightmare is Smaller Government NOT Bigger Bloated layers of corruption as seen in DC today.

Sarah Palin has already demonstrated that she can clean house as she did in Alaska by getting the corrupt Fat Cats out of the process and returning the power back to the People of Alaska. She is very smart on Energy Independence and we do need to go after our own Natural Resources while being environmentally friendly of course. Sarah Palin is a real Leader that tells everyone how she feels without all the blabbering about nothing like Obama does every time he speaks. There is much to be said for a straight talker that has firm views on the core issues of most every American. Sarah Palin is Proud of her Country and all it's greatness unlike the Man (Messiah) that wants to destroy the USA and remake it into a Socialist Welfare Nation while giving Apology Tours and laughing it up with our Enemies. Sarah Palin is a Real Leader that will answer a question without being vague and long winded like The Used Car Salesman In Chief.

Better Close up of Sarah:

Get Ready for Your Next President......Sarah Palin 2012!

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