Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No God? No Problem - Ads Run in DC Metro (Vid)

This is insulting to anyone that believes in any God in my opinion. Why is it so popular to bash Christianity these days? This country is getting more warped by the day. Where do this nations core values and founding principals come from? The Bible, without Christianity there would have been no structure for our country in its infancy. When all is lost there is always God to help you if you are willing to accept him into your heart. Watch this clown try to justify these ads.

Have a wonderful Thanks Giving and a Merry Christmas everyone!

H/T Breitbart TV


Anonymous said...

Apparently, you do not believe in the Constitution's guarantee of the right of free speech, Phil!

PFFV said...

I think it's offensive but it is legal. Free speech is always the law of the land don't misunderstand me. People have easily forgotten that Christianity is what kept order and values in the beginning when the first settlers came to this country, that is my point.

PFFV said...

If find it interesting that you want to call me by name but you wish to hide...interesting as well.