Saturday, November 21, 2009

Perfect Vacation up North - Deer Camp 2009

The weather was mild this year for the opening week of firearms deer season in northern Michigan just outside of Grayling. As always it was festive and many people were having party's around bonfire's all around the area. There were 6 people in our camp this year I wish I had taken a picture of them but that's a lot of ugly, just kidding. We had fun playing poker and telling jokes while passing the Hot Damn(100 proof Schnapps)around the table. Picture of Schnapp's results below. It was a great break from the everyday grind and we all look forward to it every year. Opening day 11-15, I was in my 15 foot ladder stand overlooking a dense poplar thicket that my dad usually hunts; after an hour or so a nice big deer popped into view, I quickly glassed it through my scope and verified it was a Doe. I didn't have a doe permit so I just watched her browse for about 15 minutes or so and another big bodied deer showed up but it was obscured partially by thick saplings. After about 5 minutes I finally could see a horn on one side so I knew it was a keeper. He stepped out and I let the shot go, it was about an 80 yard shot but it wasn't easy to shoot through all the under brush. I knew I hit him good because he jumped straight up and ran directly at me almost getting to me he then broke to his right into the most dense part of the thicket. He was a very big bodied Spike Horn and he didn't suffer at all. I pride myself in the fact that I never shoot unless I know the deer is dead when I hit it. I never want any animal to suffer and I don't believe in shooting anything unless it is going to be consumed. My Dad raised me that way he is a great Father and an expert hunter and fisherman. I have a few pictures of the Buck and Camp, I wish I had taken more.
Jim thinks he is in the Bahamma's after we finished off the Hot Damn 100 proof. I had to censor out the franks and beans.

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