Saturday, December 12, 2009

Palin Gives Shatner Smackdown on ‘Tonight Show’

Shatner was genuinely surprised it seemed when Sarah walked out on the stage. The crowd loved her; it was very obvious by the extra long cheers. I bet the Lefties are stomping mad that NBC would let Sarah Palin present herself with class and professionalism. She clearly is not what the left portrays her to be, in fact quite the opposite. Sarah Palin is a class act and carries herself very well. The left will squirm over this you can bet your bottom dollar. Sarah Palin 2012!

H/T Breitbart TV


Reaganite Republican said...

Way to go, Cuda!

More proud of you everyday...

PFFV said...

She is my pick for the next President of the United States...hands down!