Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Time - Tea Party Patriots was Real Person of the Year

Time Magazine's Person of the year Ben Bernanke is part of the financial problem and was one of the people that looked the other way while Fannie & Freddie cooked their books starting the whole financial meltdown! Time Magazine is obviously in bed with all the other Media Outlets too.

The real crime was that the biggest unreported story of 2009 is a grass roots movement called the Tea Party Patriots! Millions upon millions came together in peaceful protests all over this country to say No to Bigger Out of Control Government! Of course they were called every name in the book by the leftist Main Stream Media, Hollywood, and all the Talk Shows. The Media's Slobbering Love Affair with Obama continued then as it still does.

I have put together several pieces to demonstrate why the Tea Party Patriots in my opinion should be The Person of The Year.

The DC March Begins! A Million+ chant in unison and sing patriotic songs. What an incredible day for America!

Mark Levin is a Great Tea Party Patriot!

God Bless all you Tea Party Patriots out there and Never stop fighting for our Freedom! They haven't seen the last of us yet!

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