Sunday, March 28, 2010

Huge Turnout - Searchlight NV Tea Party Pictures

CNN said Dozens of people showed up at the Tea Party. The News media has always tried to downplay the huge numbers of Great American Patriots that come to the Tea Party events all over the USA. So how big was the event? Well, here's an aerial view of the rally - showing JUST ONE section of the crowd. Liberal CNN is full of crap as usual!

And here's one more picture for you for now - it's another aerial shot, this time of Highway 95 leading to-and-from Searchlight. Get this: the photo was taken at 1:35 PM Pacific - more than 1 1/2 hours after the rally ended, and yet thousands of cars still were trying to get to the rally location:

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The Lonely Conservative said...

Don't you wish you were there?

Government Mess said...

I would have loved to be there, no question Karen. I try to make it to all the local Tea Party's here in Michigan but DC and Nevada are a stretch for me financially. Have a great week and i'll check in at your end soon.