Monday, March 29, 2010

Obama’s Radical NLRB Appointee wants to Free Illegals

Goodness, so now punishing illegal activity is discriminatory? These are the words from Craig Becker (audio) who was given a recess appointment under the cover of darkness by the Marxist in Chief (Obama). Becker was lead attorney for SEIU. Every level of government will be infested with Marxists/progressives. Labor unions are behind the amnesty movement and must have put out the big dollars to organize and pay the way for all those protesters. And it’s the labor union funding the Democratic party. Thus, the Democratic party has amnesty at the top of the list. I always thought it was to get more votes...Now it has become clear that it is to get more workers enslaved to Union Dues in addition to getting more Democratic votes. Be sure to watch the bottom video for the truth about Radical Becker. God help us please.

Audio comments from Becker about making it Legal to Hire Illegal Alien Workers

Radical History of Craig Becker Here


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Phil: Wow, it just gets worse with this marxist manic and his psycho appointees! We would do better to stand outside of prisons or mental hospitals and recruit the escapee's for his cabinet.

PS: Thanks for your uplifting comment on my blog!
I hadn't been on in a few days (busy w/ Easter stuff) And, I sure got a lovely surprise! With those kind words, I will have to work on a post for later today, for sure. God Bless and thanks for all that YOU do!

Government Mess said...

Hey Bunni, glad to hear from you! Yes another Radical joins the Mob Family in the White House, what a shocker eh? Obama was such a damn liar when he said he was going to be honest and actually let the process work like it was supposed to. I really think he wants us to snap and get violent. To hell with him.

Any ways, those kind words were from the heart, you have many people that adore you so just keep that in mind and keep fighting against the Marxist Liar in Chief! So glad you stopped by, smiles here. Have an awesome week.