Friday, March 5, 2010

Tom Hanks: Still Drunk on The Obama Kool Aid (Video)

I never realized Tom Hanks was such a liberal piece of garbage. He claims Obama is a wise calm man? Wise he is indeed when it come to Marxist tactics to "Fundamentally Transform the United States of America." I have viewed my last Tom Hanks movie.

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dancingczars said...

Tom Hanks is an enigma. On the one hand he is all things Obama, yet claims to be a student of history. If is in fact a student of history he has to know that All things Obama have been tried before and have failed. He is an example of a person that when questioned on his beliefs and reminding him of the results, might have a light go on. I do believe he is brilliant in his field, it would be great to flip him, others would follow. P.S. What video uploader are you using, VoD pod has taken a major hike, tried everything, worked the boards, asked for support, nada. Jim

PFFV said...

Well said Jim, I will email you about the video loader question. Have a great weekend!