Friday, April 16, 2010

Liberal State Employee Shot down by Smart Tea Partiers(Vid)

This is great! April 16, 2010 — outside the Municipal Auditorium Tax Day Tea Party event when a State of Tennessee worker complete with name badge is walking past on her lunch break and spots a Tea Party sign that says "Repeal Healthcare" and "Down with Marxism" - she tries to tear them a new one for daring to compare Obama to a Marxist... it gets better from there... make sure you see her flipping them off as she walks away.


jcscuba said...

Proof that it's quite difficult to teach a big to sing. She knew the word reconciliation but didn't get that we were a republic. Oh yea, bring back Bush. Yep, Germany was a democracy. The guys blew it a bit, we are a Democracy, but a Republican form of democracy where the rights of the minority are always supposed to be looked after. Jim

Government Mess said...

Hi Jim, She didn't have a clue and was supporting Obama because she is working for Government. I would agrre with the Tea Partiers in that the USA isn't a Democracy it's a Democratic Rupublic. I know many people think we are a democracy and in many ways we are, or are supposed to be. The clowns in government don't even listen to the majority anymore. They will start to listen in November this year when we sweep the rejects OUT! Have a Great Weekend Sir.