Friday, April 9, 2010

Mark Levin: Civil Disobedience is Coming (Audio)

Levin is always right on with the truth. Obama is destroying this country quickly. The great Obama is dividing the country. The Federal government HAS NO AUTHORITY to force people to buy anything. America needs to return the government BACK to the PEOPLE not special interest groups like LA RASA and other racist groups. Get the Union Thugs out of Government as well. We need to return to the Founding Fathers ideals of Limited Government. Join The Contract from America movement to take back our Country. Now listen to the 'Great One' speak the truth.

Thanks to Breitbart for the Audio


Reaganite Republican said...

This post linked at Reaganite Republican… good stuff:

Government Mess said...

Glad you enjoyed it James. As always I appreciate the link, thank you sir.