Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Riot Police called in at Tea Party Rally in Illinois (Video)

Obama is going to cause a Civil War and it is on purpose. The Tea Party singing the National Anthem and they call the Riot Police, Keep it up Obama. When was the last time there was any violence at a Tea Party - not counting what was caused by SEIU thugs? Unreal.
Obama in a not-so-subtle way is trying to propagate the lie that the Tea Party is violent. In my opinion Obama should be Impeached for backing Illegal Immigrants instead of Defending the Constitution.


Reaganite Republican said...

It's also a BS attempt at intimidation. Some of those cops look a little embarrassed, you know they've got to feel a bit silly. Most cops don't like Obama anyway

Jim said...

This guy and his crew will bring themselves down. They don't get that there are limits to their power. Let's hear it for being able to capture everything on video. Thanks, J.C.