Thursday, April 8, 2010

Value Added Tax (VAT) Will Destroy The USA (Vid)

CATO Institute Senior Fellow Dan Mitchell and UNC School of Law professor William Turnier weigh in on the proposed value added tax. They agree that a V.A.T. is bad for the country and the real way to solve our economic problems is to decrease the size and spending of Government. If they add this new tax it will mean bigger government, more out of control spending and more corruption. The Bigger Government gets the more Freedoms and Rights Americans will lose.


jcscuba said...

Well let's be clear, has anything that this administration proposed been good in any way for this country. Of course it's a job killer and will take untold bean counters to figure it out. When we kick his ass out of office, it will be rescinded along with ObamaKill, Jim

Government Mess said...

Right on Jim! I agree 100% with you. We need to kick his ass out asap!