Monday, May 10, 2010

Farrakhan "Obama was Selected before He was Elected"(Vid)

Farrakhan admits Obama was selected before he was Elected, very interesting indeed. Most of us knew that Obama had never really done anything before getting elected as a Senator. After a whopping 143 days of being a Senator he decided to Run for President. Obama had help from very wealthy and powerful people for most of his life I suspect, certainly since his graduation from college. A combination of white guilt and gullibility got Obama elected as POTUS. Now Obama is just a Liar and a Deceiver that wants to destroy our Country with Marxist Socialist takeover of everything! Farrakahn also says Whites are Devils in the bottom clip. Obama sure knows how to pick his friends doesn't he?
Remember in November and in 2012!

Louis Farrakhan declares that the white race is a race of devils. This is a central part of the theology of Farrakhan's Nation of Islam sect. They believe that the black race is God and that their founder, Fard Muhammad, is Allah in the flesh.

Obama's church has a similar racist doctrine that is actually derived largely from the theology of the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan publicly announced that Obama is the Black Messiah, who in their theology will judge and destroy the white race.

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