Monday, May 10, 2010

Glover & Obama are Both Anti-American - Marxists (Video)

Danny Glover and Barack Obama feel the same way about our Country as seen below.

Glover gets ovation, some boos at USU graduation. Some chided the actor for not putting his hand over his heart at the flag ceremony and National Anthem. During the color guard presentation of the American flag, a spectator yelled across the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum, "Put your hand over your heart, Glover!"

They are deep among us. In every neighborhood, in every crowd, in all walks of life. A good size chunk of them is in our Congress, and one of them even lives at the top. They are all united in "fundamentally changing" this country. That even some of the clueless are beginning to wake up should make known how dire the situation is.

Interesting pattern, with Glover insisting he meant no disrespect, yet its readily apparent he and his Dog ^^^ hold nothing but contempt for this nation, and the men who founded it!

No surprise there.

Much love for Socialist Dictators but None for our allies.

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