Saturday, May 8, 2010

MSNBC tries to Bash Alan West and Tea Party but Fails(Vid)

This is Classic MSLSD TV here. The interviewer tries to belittle the Republican Party first and then says Tea Parties have had Racist signs. Alan West fires back calmly with words of wisdom and denies that any Racist signs were at any Tea Parties. He states his position of Limited Government and Conservative Values. This is the kind of Politicians we need running for office! Alan West has my support 100%!

Lt. Col. Allen West: "Chairman Steele is totally wrong on why the black community should vote Republican." “I think that Chairman Steele is totally wrong...There is a great history that was connecting the Republican party to the black community and I think that Chairman Steele should do a little bit more research before he goes out spouting his mouth like that.”

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