Friday, May 7, 2010

Post Office posts $1.6B quarterly loss - Feds Fail everytime

Can you name one single Federal Government program that operates within a budget or that ever makes a profit? If you can name one or more you don't know what you are talking about. History has proven that our Federal Government FAILS every time it creates another entitlement program or takes over private sector services or creates more regulation and oversight which in turn creates more massive Government growth. Bigger Government is NOT the Answer! When someone says we need more regulations and government control my head feels like it is going to explode!

The wonderful Postal Service seems innocent enough for the Federal Government to operate but the Feds can't manage simple numbers to meet the costs. What incentive does the government have to be profitable? NONE! Zip, Zero, Nada! Why would it concern itself with being at least cost neutral, or god forbid, profitable, when all it has to do is take more from the "We the People" when it needs more money, like it always does.

The Postal Service only had a fiscal second-quarter loss of $1.6 billion, compared to a net loss of $1.9 billion in the same quarter a year ago, according to Bloomberg News. Wow they really did good trimming .3 Billion in losses from the previous year. What a success story.

Government lies about costs to get their agenda in place and then reality sets in as it is revealed that it will cost much more than expected. It doesn't end there either. Each year it costs more than the previous to keep Fedzilla in operation. Life time benefits and pensions for all those politicians and government workers on top of the fraud and wasteful spending is destroying our country. What is Obama and his Thugs answer to this Crisis? You probably guessed it, More Government Control and more Spending. Remember Rahm Rombo (Dead Fish) Emanuel said "We can't let a crisis go to waste." They are creating chaos to take over everything they can. It's all by design. The "Cloward & Piven" strategy is in play.

We need a real Conservative leader to change the thinking in our Government. We need to return to what our Founding Fathers envisioned for our Country. Stick to the Constitution and return the power back to the People. Vote for true Conservatives this November and in 2012! Stay involved in the process and never fall asleep again. We can and will take our great country back one way or another!

This Great Man says it best! He speaks for me and many millions of Concerned Americans!

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