Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Bigger Government = Socialism & is Suicide (Vid)

Every American needs to watch this, it is a must see! It explains the history of Socialism and why it is always a bad decision to go down the path of bigger government because it is NOT about helping the people its about power and control. Bigger Government is Socialism.

Socialism was never meant to be a system to 'help the people'. It is, from its inception, a system of mass management of populations, on behalf of a self-appointed governing class, the "intelligentsia."
It's a system by which that governing class uses the powers of the state to take control over (and from then on, manage) each and every aspect of society, according to its own particular whims.

Part 2


Reaganite Republican said...

This enlightening bit linked at Reaganite Republican... OUTSTANDING


Government Mess said...

Thanks James, I think if people would watch this they would see that Bigger Government is always a bad thing. The bigger Government gets the less freedoms and rights we will have. Plain and simple. This gentleman explains it very well too.