Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally - Tea Party Patriots are Awesome (Full Video)

Thousands of Tea Party Patriots (looks more like a million to me) show up for the Restoring Honor Rally in DC. It's time to truly transform America back into what our founding fathers intended. Enjoy this awesome message from a True American Patriot, Glenn Beck. God bless you Glenn, we will always be with you in this fight for truth and Conservative victory. Sharpton's tiny rally: Beck Represents "Hate Mongering And Angry White People" video here. I sure didn't see any 'Hate' or 'Angry White people' did you?

God bless Glenn and his message to save our nation from the progressive evil that has its death grip on us all. We will not fail to defeat that evil and we will take back our country one way or another.

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