Thursday, September 9, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Gets My Vote! Listen to Her for Yourself

Mike Castle the Rhino-Re(pube)lican is just more of the same. He is just like John (Amnesty) McCain and Lindsey (Cap & Tax) Graham. We need to get these left leaning so called Republicans Out of our Government Now! Christine O'Donnell is a Great Common Sense Conservative Tea Party Candidate running to take Castle's seat. We need to support all Conservative Candidates like Christine so we can take back our Country starting this November!


Matthew Avitabile said...

She's too flaky and will lose!

Government Mess said...

I am surprised at you sir. This a true conservative that believes in the Tea Party Values and The Founding Fathers visions for our Country. She isn't a perfect speaker much the same way Sarah Palin is percieved. I like everything she has to say and would sure as hell vote for her before the Rhino Castle. If Castle wins it's a huge loss for our effort to retake our country back. We have to vote for true conservatives only, period.

Thanks for the comment though.