Saturday, September 11, 2010

Muslims Dance & Celebrate 9-11-01-Flash Back Video

Many Americans are quick to forget the sick celebrations in the Muslim world when the 9-11-01 attacks happened. They danced in the streets with joy as innocent victims had to choose between jumping to their deaths or be burned alive. What religion celebrates thousands of innocents being killed? The Religion of Islam of course.

Now they want to build a victory Mosque at Ground Zero! My tolerance has ended with Islam! Go to He** and take your sick Koran with you!

*Note* The Ground Zero Imam says below "The USA Deserved 9-11-01". Obama 'The Muslim in Chief' agrees with his mentor/father figure and Anti-American Pastor of 20+ years too I am sure, below.

Celebration in Gaza

Celebration #2

Ground Zero Imam "The USA had it coming" This sh*tbag is on our Government payroll! Being paid with our Tax Dollars to spread his message of deception and hate!

Obamas mentor and father figure Rev. Wright the Anti-American says We deserved the 9-11-01 attacks.

What Islam is Not - Wake Up! The Truth - Video

Mosab Hassan Yousef The Truth about Muslim's (Vid)

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