Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Biased Liberal Attack Against Christine O'Donnell (Vid)

I think Christine O'Donnell handled herself well and won the debate even though she was being hit by three Liberals, two being the questioners, SICK.
This is the most biased debate panel I have ever seen. I guess to expect the liberal CNN to be fair in their questioning was unrealistic after all.

The bottom line is do the people of Delaware want Coons (a Marxist and more of the same) or O'Donnell (a conservative constitutionalist that wants to shrink the size of government)? I would vote for any candidate that wants smaller Government before a Liberal. Actually I would NEVER vote for a Lib. Our country is being overthrown by the liberal media and Hollywood. It seems every show on TV or the Radio is Liberal, promoting hate and pushing lies to achieve their Socialist agenda.

We are at war against the liberal media liars and deceivers as well as with the Hollywood elites. Get out and vote!

Delaware Senate Debate Highlights (Full Debate Below)

Full Debate Video Here

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