Saturday, December 18, 2010

Herman Cain "70% Chance I Will Run For President" (Vid)

Herman Cain made an announcement on Greta's show saying that right now it's a 70 percent chance that he would be making a run for president. This great business man and strong conservative leader would make an incredible president. He wants to change the way things are done in DC so we can get our country back on track. God Bless You Herman Cain and I will support you 100% if you do in fact run. I have included some of Herman Cain's Tea Party Speeches so you can understand just how terrific he would be if he became president. This man is the real deal, enjoy.

Herman Cain gives Incredible Inspirational Speech (Vid)

Herman Cain is the Voice of Conservative Common Sense (Vid)

Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd (A Must See Video)

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