Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thomas Sowell-Genius & Brilliant Thinker-Q&A (Video)

One of my Biggest Hero's Thomas Sowell, now going on 75, is one of the greatest thinkers I have ever encountered. He should be listened to every time he speaks; he knows what he is talking about. Mr. Sowell is an intellectual genius that speaks in simple terms that most people can understand. His humbleness and great respect for all people is very telling of the class act that he is. Listen to this great man every time you can, he always teaches me something or enlightens me in some new way every time I hear him speak. God Bless this brilliant man and all he does for our civilization. If people would just listen to him the world will be a better place.

Obama's Off-Shore Drilling a Guise for Cap & Tax Bill(Vid)

Brad Blakeman: Obama's New Off-Shore Drilling Plan a Guise to Push for a Massive Climate Change Bill. It is a ploy to appear bipartisan so Obama can say worked with Republicans and that he reached out. Obama claimed all sorts of things in the past and broke every promise but one, "We are going to fundamentally transform the United States of America!" Welcome to the U.S.S.A. (United Socialist States of America) if Obama continues his agenda of Government Takeover of OUR (not just liberals) Country.

Media's Selective Rage Over Political Threats (Video)

Only Conservatives can be violent according to Obama's Liberal Lapdog Media. They cover up legitimate stories like this one (below), while making up lies about Conservatives every time they feel like assaulting Great American Patriots for speaking out against Obama's Radical policies that equal Bigger Government. This man had his finger bitten off by a liberal and not one news station reported it, only Fox News. Proof there is a cover-up to protect the left wing mobsters.

Obama said “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” that sounds pretty threatening...I guess you have to be a Democrat to make threats, or say God Damn America and get away with it. The hypocrisy from the left would be laughable if it wasn't so criminal and corrupt.


American Parchment has the overwhelming facts and data that puts this Global Warming Farce to Rest. Thanks to American Parchment for putting all these pieces together for everyone to see in one location. Global Warming lies and the facts Click Here.

"Obama's Playing With Fire/Dynamite & Doesn't Learn"(Vid)

Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger told Neil Cavuto that Obama is playing with fire and playing with dynamite and doesn't learn from his mistakes. I think Mr. Eagleburger has nailed it here. He describes Obama and his entire administrations actions perfectly here.

Behar vs. Beck "I Don't Give A Flying F**K about You"(Vid)

Joy Behar continues to make a total ass out of herself but the Liberal Drones love it as seen here on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Glenn continues to irritate the Left Wing Loons.

Biden: Redistribution of Wealth "It's Just Being Fair"(Vid)

Socialism is a 3 yr olds world view. When I want what you have its unfair unless I get it...but don’t ask me to share the downside as that would be unfair because I don’t want to share my toy, just yours. The real dishonesty in these 2010 Socialists is that no one is stopping them from sharing their own wealth but somehow they aren’t doing that, or participating in the redistribution of their own wealth. They carefully exempt themselves from the health care policy, fly the energy sucking jets, live in the monster energy eating homes, send their children to the private schools, cheat on their taxes, and manipulate the media to cover it all up. It's high time we vote all these bastards out and put real Conservative American Citizens in! I don't care how pretty they speak if they aren't true Conservatives they will be talking to my hand.

One Smart Penguin - A Conservative? Video

I normally stick to politics but I thought this was exceptional so here you go. The Smart Penguin in the Faroese Bay, this penguin is no dummy. I think it may be a Conservative Penguin.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tea Party Patriots-Greatest Americans in this Country(Vid)

May God hold accountable the slanderers who are smearing the most loving, spontaneous, patriotic, genuinely American movement of political expression seen in generations. May the truth stand as a behemoth among the lies of this administration and the smear machine of the government-media complex. Behold, what really happened in DC on March 20 & 21, 2010 and what all Tea Party Patriots are comprised of.

Obama Mocks - Marginalizes Tea Party Patriots (Vid)

The Corrupt Media (Matt Lauer, Today Show) and The Marxist in Chief (Obama) join together to marginalize the legitimate Tea Party Movement of Millions of Great American Patriots voicing their opinions against Out of Control Government. They both make me sick!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Dem. Protesters are Extremists not Tea Party Patriots(Vid)

Andrew Breitbart continues to be the epicenter of the truth in journalism today. He is standing up to the corrupt media and doing their jobs for them because they are all incompetent in reporting the truth to protect their liberal interests. Harry Reid Supporters threw eggs at the Tea Party Express bus. So we know what violent protesters look like now. The Obama loving media can't produce one shred of evidence (only lies) that the Tea Party Patriots (Many Millions) have done anything violent. If the eggs had obstructed the drivers view their could have been serious risk, injury or even death(s). The media will sweep Democrat Violence under the rug and continue accusing Tea Party Patriots of being Racist and Violent with Zero Proof. The Slobbering Love Affair with their Messiah gets worse and worse as time goes by. I would bet money that SEIU had some involvement in this too!

Some on the left tried to blame Andrew Breitbart, claiming that it never happened, or that if it did, Breitbart probably threw the eggs himself to make the Reid supporters look bad.

Too bad for them there is video. In this clip, a Reid supporting union man is busted egg handed!

H/T Big Government

Monday, March 29, 2010

See You In November Corrupt Democrats - Video

November 2nd is reckoning day against Democrat's and this a song about just that!

Lyrics Here:


You always ran as a moderate

But we learned a lesson and we wont forget

Bye-bye, so long, farewell

Bye-bye, so long

See you in November

See you when campaignings through

Yes we are concerned for the fate of our nation

Our new motivation is sending you away

You talked a good game but well remember

How you voted when push came to shove

Damn right well see you in November

Until then well be taking off the gloves

(Nancy and Harry replaced your spine

Next stop is the unemployment line)

Bye, baby, good bye

Bye, baby, good bye

Bye, baby, good bye

Bye, baby, good bye

You had a good run but remember

There is danger in the harvest moon above

Yes, well see you in November

And youll see that weve had enough

(Well work the phone banks

and knock on doors

Come this November youll get yours)

Well see you in November

See you in November... My son Spencer doubles the falsetto part with me. (Quick... before his voice changes any more!)

Here's all the older stuff:

YouTube - misterdregs's Channel



You always ran as a moderate

But we learned a lesson and we wont forget

Bye-bye, so long, farewell

Bye-bye, so long

See you in November

See you when campaignings through

Yes we are concerned for the fate of our nation

Our new motivation is sending you away

You talked a good game but well remember

How you voted when push came to shove

Damn right well see you in November

Until then well be taking off the gloves

(Nancy and Harry replaced your spine

Next stop is the unemployment line)

Bye, baby, good bye

Bye, baby, good bye

Bye, baby, good bye

Bye, baby, good bye

You had a good run but remember

There is danger in the harvest moon above

Yes, well see you in November

And youll see that weve had enough

(Well work the phone banks

and knock on doors

Come this November youll get yours)

Well see you in November

See you in November...

Horrifying Moscow Subway Bombing Carnage Video

MOSCOW -- Two female homicide bombers blew themselves up on Moscow's subway system as it was jam-packed with rush-hour passengers Monday, killing at least 38 people and wounding 102, officials said.

The head of Russia's main security agency said preliminary investigation places the blame on rebels from the restive Caucasus region that includes Chechnya, where separatists have fought Russian forces since the mid-1990s.

Cut & Run Obama "The USA doesn't Quit we Perservere"(Vid)

Afghanistan - Obama 3/28/2010 “The United States of America does not quit once it starts on something. You don’t quit, the American armed services does not quit. We keep at it. We persevere.” What a difference from the Cut and Run Quitter Obama of the past. When things are going good he claims to be a warrior but when times are tough and hard decisions need to be made he would have let the Iraqi people perish with out USA security. If we had "cut and run" from Iraq as Obama suggested, it would have been a blood-bath of death. Total Hypocrisy is the Liberal Democrats Mantra as seen below.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit

Dean and I Agree! O-Care is Wealth Redistribution (Vid)

Dean can be surprisingly honest. First he admits the Dems don’t want to upset trial lawyers, now this. Anyone who Didn't know this was “redistribution of wealth” either wasn’t paying attention, or is really dumb. Judging by the way they have mis-spent everyone’s money in the last couple years I doubt the poor will benefit by their arrogant and unreliable actions. They are a disgrace to our Nation and our Founding Fathers!

With each passing day I become more saddened, yet assured that they are using the "Cloward and Piven" strategy to impose their Socialist Utopia upon us regardless of what "We the People" desire. This is Tyranny!

Obama’s Radical NLRB Appointee wants to Free Illegals

Goodness, so now punishing illegal activity is discriminatory? These are the words from Craig Becker (audio) who was given a recess appointment under the cover of darkness by the Marxist in Chief (Obama). Becker was lead attorney for SEIU. Every level of government will be infested with Marxists/progressives. Labor unions are behind the amnesty movement and must have put out the big dollars to organize and pay the way for all those protesters. And it’s the labor union funding the Democratic party. Thus, the Democratic party has amnesty at the top of the list. I always thought it was to get more votes...Now it has become clear that it is to get more workers enslaved to Union Dues in addition to getting more Democratic votes. Be sure to watch the bottom video for the truth about Radical Becker. God help us please.

Audio comments from Becker about making it Legal to Hire Illegal Alien Workers

Radical History of Craig Becker Here

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Huge Turnout - Searchlight NV Tea Party Pictures

CNN said Dozens of people showed up at the Tea Party. The News media has always tried to downplay the huge numbers of Great American Patriots that come to the Tea Party events all over the USA. So how big was the event? Well, here's an aerial view of the rally - showing JUST ONE section of the crowd. Liberal CNN is full of crap as usual!

And here's one more picture for you for now - it's another aerial shot, this time of Highway 95 leading to-and-from Searchlight. Get this: the photo was taken at 1:35 PM Pacific - more than 1 1/2 hours after the rally ended, and yet thousands of cars still were trying to get to the rally location:

Related: Sarah Palin at Searchlight NV Tea Party 8000+ (Video)

Related: Challenger to Harry Reid Speaks at Tea Party in NV (Vid)

Challenger to Harry Reid Speaks at Tea Party in NV (Vid)

Searchlight NV March 27 2010 - Harry Reid will lose to this Great Conservative American that believes in the Founding Fathers Principles and our Constitution, unlike the Marxist in Chief Obama and his Thugs that surround him. Chad Christensen candidate to replace Harry Reid for US Senate opens the Tea Party Express III Rally, Sarah Palin spoke shortly after Chad. (Sarah's speech linked below)

Sarah Palin's full speech here

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sarah Palin at Searchlight NV Tea Party 8000+ (Video)

Sarah Palin draws thousands where ever she goes. People love her because she connects with us lowly commoners that King Obama, Princess Pelosi, and Prince Harry Reid ignore. In November we will start taking back our Country from the Marxist Thugs that defy the People's will!

Part 2

Libtalker Calls For Deaths Of Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly(Audio)

While the right is under fire for supposedly inciting violence against Congressional Democrats, libtalkers have pumped up the rhetoric tenfold. The media only reports what they want to report obviously. No Conservative has gone this far ever but the MSM will not report this.

Violent Harry Reid Supporters Egg Tea Party Busses

Supporters of Senator Harry Reid have just thrown eggs at the Tea Party Express bus caravan - striking at least one of the three buses (the red Tea Party Express bus) with multiple eggs.

About 35 Reid supporters had lined Highway 95 in front of the Nugget Casino in Searchlight where they were attempting a counter-demonstration the tens of thousands of tea party supporters who are gathering for the "Showdown in Searchlight."

More details to follow...

Grade Obama's First Year in Office - CBS Poll

Please take one minute to grade Obama's first Year in office.
With President Obama completing his first year, we are giving you the chance to weigh in on how you think he has done on the job.

Below are 10 categories for you to give the president your grade (in A-F format), including an overall grade at the end.

Poll Here

Showdown in Searchlight NV-Tea Party, 10K+ expected(Vid)

This is the local and national news reporting the night before the Tea Party in Harry Reid's hometown of Searchlight. This is the biggest event they have ever had in the tiny desert town. Vote the Bums Out in November!

NBC National News covered this story with rare unbiased reporting.

Ted Nugent "Vote the Pigs Out in November" Video

Ted is absolutely correct! Vote the Marxist and Corrupt Pigs Out in November!Barack Hussein Obama has set himself and his party clearly against the great majority of the American people. "We the People" are pissed off that our Government doesn't care what the majority of us want. They’ll get all the resistance they can handle and more come November.

Obama Assassination Threat by Tea-Partiers? (Video)

This guy gets it and he speaks for how I feel and I'm quite sure how most Tea Party Patriots feel too. He sends a powerful message that needs to be heard by all.

"And what's with these left-wing accusations of violent threats by tea-party members? The left has gone as far to say that tea-partiers are trying to get Obama assassinated. Barney Frank is out there saying that tea-partiers are like the bullies in school that made teenagers commit suicide. I've never seen such a bunch of sore winners in my entire life."

Friday, March 26, 2010

"The 4th Kind" This Movie will Blow Your Mind! Chilling

I highly recommend watching this movie, here is the Preview. It's out on DVD check it out.

TV Ad: Tea Party Tells Faker Scott Ashjian to "Get Lost!"

This man is trying to split the vote to ensure Harry Reid wins re-election in Nevada. We are calling this man out, who has never been involved in the tea party one iota, but started a bogus "Nevada Tea Party" so he could get on the ballot and ensure Reid's re-election.

Obama's Radical Family Ties Video Uncovered

Andrew Breitbart uncovered a video showing some of Obama's Radical Supporters back in 2005. You can bet they are all still very close advisors but it's kept secret from the public. You can see their common ideology of 'Redistribution of the Wealth' when Rev. Wright speaks.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Still Stand Free - Tea Party Tribute - Music Video

A Great Tribute to the Tea Party Patriots and all that are Fighting for our Freedom! Thanks to Bruce Bellott.

We Still Stand Free

Is this Our Country Anymore?

Matthews & Clyburn Smear Tea Party - Aid Terrorists(Vid)

Here is a perfect example of inciting hate. Two Liberals Matthews and Clyburn team up to call Millions of Peaceful Tea Party Protesters Radical Republicans that Aid Terrorists!

Clyburn "If we don't disown that and go get out people to move beyond that, if we participate in it, either from the balcony or on the floor of the House, you are aiding and abetting this kind of terrorism really."

Clyburn where was your outrage when SCIU thugs were beating up on Tea Party members? Yeah, you forgot about that, didn’t you. We didn’t.

Where were you when the Black Panthers were blocking the entrance to a polling station in Philly? You forget about that too, I bet. We didn’t.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Cantor Condemns Libs "Fanning Flames for political gain"(Vid)

The Liberal Democrats are Quick to recognize and claim that U.S. Governmental policies are to blame for the World hating the U.S.A.

Why are they so confused and clueless in recognizing that U.S. Governmental policies can also make Americans upset?

Concerned American Citizens should be upset about this Marxist take over of "We the Peoples" Government, but I would suggest that the history shows that it is the Liberals that are the Violent ones as you can see Click Here and scroll down to 'Democrats Inciting Violence and Vandalism'
(Eric Cantors Speech Below)

"It's reckless to use these incidents as media vehicles for political gain. That is why I have deep concerns that some - DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen and DNC Chairman Tim Cain in particular - are dangerously fanning the flames by suggesting that these incidents be used as a political weapon."

Truth & Obama's Lies about Health Insurance Costs(Vid)

Obama lied again when he claimed health insurance companies raised premiums 40%, 50% or 60%. This is a complete lie. Dan Mitchell from the Cato Institute explains why ObamaCare is going to be Catostrophic. We must Repeal this Bill or Kill it any way we can! Equally amazing is the fact that this honesty took place on CNBC.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MSNBC’s Shuster Smacked Down by Tea Party Activist(Vid)

This is great! Shuster get his butt handed to him by Kevin Jackson a Great Black American Tea Party Patriot. Shuster says Tea Party Patriots spit on and used Racist Remarks towards black politicians at the Kill the Bill Rally in DC and also said Conservatives damaged Democrat Offices around the Country, with not one shred of proof. This is typical liberal media spreading lies to demonize Great American Patriots. We have a real battle going on between the Radical Liberals that will do anything to discredit the Tea Party Movement including stage events to make it look as if Conservatives are the bad people. God Bless Kevin Jackson you did a wonderful job setting this liberal liar straight!

‘The BIG Black Lie’ Author Debates MSNBC’s Shuster on Tea Pa
Uploaded by burghnews. - News videos from around the world.

H/T Breitbart TV

Rep. McCotter "So this is Change - Tax & Hate" Great Speech

What a great speech given by Rep. Thaddeus McCotter after the ObamaCare vote. This man is another glimmer of hope for the Republican Party. (Video Below)

"So this is what change looks like. If he were here, Mr. Speaker, in this time of momentous national distress, I would remind the President of the United States that he is not the leader of a party or an ideology; he is the leader of our country—one founded, not to emulate others, but to inspire the world.

As families lose their jobs, their homes, and their dreams for their children; as our troops fight and sacrifice in foreign fields for our liberty and security, President Obama’s obsessive-compulsive pursuit of an abominable government takeover of health care has defied the public’s objections, despoiled this, “The People’s House,” and further alienated Americans from their representative government.

As President Obama’s campaign mantra of “hope and change” has degenerated into “tax and hate,” reputable surveys prior to this vote report: the public overwhelmingly thinks that the U.S. Government is broken. Only 21 percent of the public thinks it is being governed with its consent. Only 26 percent of the public trusts the Federal Government most of the time or always; 56 percent of Americans think the Federal Government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedom of ordinary citizens; 70 percent believe the government and big business typically work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors; and 71 percent of Americans think the Federal Government is a special interest.

In the wake of this health care debate’s despicable, dysfunctional process and product, it is clear: The most dangerous special interest is Big Government and President Obama is its lobbyist."
Full transcript here

Dingell "ObamaCare Will Control the People" Audio

The truth comes out finally. Democrat Dingell says it takes time administratively to get ObamaCare in place to Control the People. That's all ObamaCare is really about, Control of the People and more Massive Government Growth. Now we wait for our country to collapse into the black hole of debt.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

O'Reilly Wrong-Libs lack Credibility After Betrayal of Oath(Vid)

Bill O'Reilly is flat out wrong in this debate with Dana Loesch, prominent Conservative activist. The Liberals that claimed Racist/Gender remarks and one claimed to be spat upon at the ObamaCare Protest, are not trust worthy. Fact, there is no evidence to prove this happened when thousands of recorders were being used. Fact, the Liberals have everything to gain by claiming false allegations to give the MSM ammunition to assault Tea Party Patriots and minimize the validity of the cause. Fact, these Liberals violated their Oath to defend the Constitution by voting against the will of the American People, meaning they would do anything to win, especially lie. Fact, 24 hours later no politician that made these claims has come out and stated exactly what happened. Bill O'Reilly asked all the so called victims individually to come on his soft-ball show to tell what happened and none would. If any of this was true a liberal would certainly have paraded it through the streets with Rev. Al and Jesse running the Mega Phones crying foul. Bill O'Reilly you are a softball reporter and a weak Conservative that thinks Government should regulate more, you have said so. You lack credibility to most True Conservatives. For the record Dana is completely correct! Shame on you Bill.

Obama Care "It's gonna be like Christmas" Video

So many people want free handouts from the Government. I think it's definitely part of the problem when people act like this. Remember the woman that said now that Obama is President she won't have to worry about paying her mortgage? Well we have more of that attitude on display again. "It's gonna be like Christmas, you know your first Christmas when you want that Barbie doll, so it's gonna be just like Christmas. I mean it's gonna be great, you know worries, you know the bills, we can go ahead and pay our co-pay and be all right." Flashback to just after Obama's election video below. Also the infamous OmamaBucks audio from Detroit. Don't forget the McDonald's employee at a Obama Rally asking for handouts too. Maybe we have to many people like this living our country.

"I won't have to worry about paying for gas or my mortgage"

Rush plays the audio of the Detrioters waiting for Obama Money

McDonalds worker asks Obama for handouts at Obama Rally

H/T Breitbart TV

Of Course Rulers are Exempt from ObamaCare Mandate

I wonder how the citizens will react when they hear that the ObamaCare Bill that was cramed down their throats our Rulers have Exempted themselves from. They have their own set of rules. This is not going to go well at all. The Commoners (us lowly citizens) have been told we have to abide by the rule or face Fines and possible Jail Time when the Kings and Queens (Political Elite) are exempted and do not have to live by the same rules. Are You Mad Yet? You should be!

For as long as the political fight took over the past year, the abbreviated review process on the health care legislation currently pending on President Obama’s desk is unquestionably going to result in some surprises — as happens with any piece of mashed-up legislation — both for the congressmen who voted for it and for the American people.

One such surprise is found on page 158 of the legislation, which appears to create a carveout for senior staff members in the leadership offices and on congressional committees, essentially exempting those senior Democrat staffers who wrote the bill from being forced to purchase health care plans in the same way as other Americans.

A major story during the course of the health care debate was whether members of Congress would commit to placing themselves in the same health care exchanges as average citizens, or whether they would hang on to their government plans — that’s why leadership chose to add this portion to the bill, serving as a guarantee that members would participate in the same health plans as the people. Here’s the relevant text:


(i) REQUIREMENT- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, after the effective date of this subtitle, the only health plans that the Federal Government may make available to Members of Congress and congressional staff with respect to their service as a Member of Congress or congressional staff shall be health plans that are–

(I) created under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act); or

(II) offered through an Exchange established under this Act (or an amendment made by this Act).

But as with a lot of legislative matters, the devil is in the details — or in this case, the definitions. As anyone who’s worked on Capitol Hill knows, the personal office staff for a member is governed by different rules than those who work on committees and in the leadership offices. It appears from the way this language is written that those staffers NOT in personal offices, such as those working and paid under the committee structure (such as those working for Chairman Henry Waxman) or those working on leadership staff (such as those working for Speaker Nancy Pelosi) would be exempt from these requirements (emphasis added).

(ii) DEFINITIONS- In this section:

(I) MEMBER OF CONGRESS- The term `Member of Congress’ means any member of the House of Representatives or the Senate.

(II) CONGRESSIONAL STAFF- The term `congressional staff’ means all full-time and part-time employees employed by the official office of a Member of Congress, whether in Washington, DC or outside of Washington, DC.

According to the Congressional Research Service, this definition of staff will only apply to those staffers employed within a member’s “personal office” — meaning that it will absolutely not apply to committee staff members, and may not apply to leadership staff.

This problem was acknowledged earlier in the process — last year, Senator Grassley tried to repair it, but he was rebuffed.

As Speaker Pelosi said a few weeks ago, it’s only after this legislation is passed that we’ll truly find out what’s in it.

Update: Grassley is renewing his push. Here’s a release from yesterday:

“It’s pretty unbelievable that the President and his closest advisors remain untouched by the reforms they pushed for the rest of the country. In other words, President Obama’s health care reform won’t apply to President Obama,” Grassley said. “Last December, the effort to apply any new law to administration political leaders was rejected by the Senate Majority Leader. But there’s no justification for the double standard, and I’ll continue to work to establish fairness.”

The Senate legislation passed last night by the House of Representatives includes an amendment Grassley sponsored and got adopted by the Finance Committee last fall to have members of Congress and their staffs get their health insurance through the same health insurance exchanges where health plans for the general public would be available. During the closed-door negotiations on the bill late last year, the Senate Majority Leader carved out Senate committee and leadership staff from this requirement.

Subsequently, Grassley and Senator Tom Coburn attempted to offer another amendment to restore the requirement during Senate debate on the health care bill, but the Senate Majority Leader would not let their amendment to fix this loophole even come up for a vote. In addition to Senate committee and leadership staff, the amendment Grassley and Coburn filed during the Senate debate would have made the President, the Vice President, top White House staff and cabinet members all get their health insurance through the newly created exchanges. It would not have applied to federal employees in the civil service.

Grassley said, “It’s only fair and logical that top administration officials, who fought so hard for passage of this overhaul of America’s health care system, experience it themselves. If it’s as good as promised, they’ll know it first-hand. If there are problems, they’ll be able to really understand them, as they should.”

Hot Air also reports
Guess who’s exempt from ObamaCare mandates?

H/T The New Ledger

Real Leader Benjamin Netanyahu (Speech) at AIPAC(Vid)

Benjamin Netanyahu is a great leader that has good morals and values as is evident in this excellent speech (below). I stand firmly with Israel and this great leader/man. Obama is clueless and seems to support Islam every time he gets an opportunity. Obama has sat back and done nothing about Iran making the Nuclear Bomb for nearly 15 months now but he repeatedly is critisizing Israel for building in its own country. Mr. Netanyahu was very nice to say the USA was the Greatest Nation in the World but I think Obama is making us a weak Nation as he destroys our freedoms, rights, economy, and spends us into unprecidented Debt that we will never be able to recover from if we don't stop now and change our Government.

The Obama administration's recent criticism of Israel has led some to suggest that the special bond between the U.S. and Israel is in jeopardy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted Tuesday that that's not the case. Netanyahu is in Washington, D.C. this week to rally American support for the Jewish state.

Obama administration officials have called the Israeli government's decision to build new homes in Jerusalem an obstacle to peace. However, Netanyahu says Palestinian extremism is the real problem and that his people are simply following in the footsteps of their forefathers.

Netanyahu Full Speech at AIPAC - Well Worth Watching

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sign this Petition - Repeal ObamaCare

After months of backroom deals, political payoffs, and strong-arm tactics, President Obama and the Democrats forced an unpopular health care takeover through the United States Congress. Americans lost this battle with their elected leaders in Washington but the war is not over! If we're willing to the fight to save freedom, we can settle the score in November by electing true conservatives who will repeal this unconstitutional and dangerous bill. The simple truth is the bill cannot be fixed. It must be repealed.

It's quick and simple, your name, email address and your state and that's it
Sign Petition Here

There is another petition circulating about Repealing the ObamaCare Bill if you want to sign it too it's Here

Rahm Emanuel Gives Katie Couric the Finger (Vid)

Everything Katie Couric wanted to know and much more about how White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel lost part of his finger back in high school! Now these are the tough questions we are looking for from our Lame Stream Media.

Conservative Bloggers are Fighting for every Americans Freedom

I don't do this often enough. I really appreciate our family of Great Conservative American Bloggers. I tip my hat to you all, you are all True American Heros to me.

My good friend and mentor at The Reaganite Republican always out does himself it seems, check out his brilliant and quite comedic style here - Congressional Health Care Vote: Updates and Live Streaming Coverage Here also you have to see this Teh Sundeh Funnehs as I said he is funny.

Another friend of mine Jim at Dancing Czars recently upgraded his blog and it's very well done, informative and funny with current important issues like this Administration Actuary Can’t Analyze Health Bill Before Final Vote and another great piece here Muslim who aided death of 6 Americans, 168 others, gets Holder-approved plea deal

A well known and highly respected blogger Dan over at Riehl World View never fails to impress me either with his original perspective on the issues such as this To Stupak Block: They Aren't Pro-Life, And They Aren't Pro-Health and Petty Tyrants Play The Viktum Card, Oh My!

Speaking of well known and highly respected bloggers Moonbattery is right at the top too with it's cutting edge style of blogging, check out Have You Heard the Latest?

Another great Conservative American blog to pay attention to is Left Coast Rebel who always has a original and insightful delivery on the issues like this Just Say No! My Thoughts on Freedom Sums up My Thoughts on Freedom, Precisely

I can never leave out Amusing Bunni's Musings this blog is very funny and infomative with an animal loving theme that I adore very much. Check this out We Should Hire this Dog For Pres!

Jumping in Pools is another great Conservative blog to regularly visit for very important issues such as this The Representatives that will shape our future.

The Daley Gator is a great blog to keep your eye on as well for great stuff like this Heart-Ache! Jimmy Carter slips to number two and this stunner John Lewis is nothing but a lying, bottom-feeding, race pimp!

The Lonely Conservative is a blog that has really caught my eye for excellent coverage of conservative issues especially the very important Health Care Bill vote, check out this great piece Do they have the votes? – Updated and this is excellent too Thank you, Marsha Blackburn

Another Black Conservative is a classy conservative blog with great insight to offer with works like this one called D-Day

Stop The ACLU always has great posts like this Democrats Don’t Care About ‘Health,’ It’s All About Politics

Say Anything is a very nice blog with great pieces like this Hyde and Seek and Pomeroy Is in Pelosi’s Pocket Update: Pomeroy Afraid to Stand Alone

Atlas Shrugs is an excellent blog that puts out its own take on very important issues like this America's Day of Wreckoning

Right Wing Nut House is a blog I have just recently found that has great stuff like this Shallow, Misinformed, and Fearful: Tea Partiers or Their Critics?

Wake up America is a very good conservative blog with great articles like this House Liberals Have Been Played, So Have Progressives

Nickie over at - Goomba News Network - reports we have Quite a day ahead

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There are so many great Conservative Blogs and I know I have missed more than a few please forgive me if I missed yours. The Big Blogs don't need the shout out as much as the rest of us do but I must mention a few. The immense value of these Big Time Bloggers such as Andrew Breitbart of the Breitbart Group, Jim Hoft of GatewayPundit, Michelle Malkin of Michelle Malkin and Hot Air can't be dismissed ever by me, because they are the Founding Fathers of the Blogosphere. I can't express my gratitude enough to them as well as all the conservative bloggers mentioned and not mentioned that are fighting the battle against the evil progressive agenda and the battle to spread the truth that the liberal MSM and HollyWood tries to hide from all Americans. Thanks to all of You, we are making a difference! Keep up the good fight, you inspire me!

Geraldo Rivera "Maybe Socialism is a Good Thing" (Vid)

Geraldo Rivera is a liberal if you didn't know already. He tries to spin the Health Care take over as a good thing. Obviously he is just another head in the sand liberal blithering idiot. Fox News should fire him for being so stupid. Most Democrats were not for this Bill.

Sharpton Americans elected Obama to get Socialism(Vid)

Al Sharpton Claims American Public Voted for Socialism When Electing Obama. I have no use for Race baiter Sharpton or the liberal Geraldo Rivera they make a disgusting pair of liberal liars. If Americans voted for Socialism Al why did only 35% of our citizens support this Bill?

John Boehner ‘Hell No!’ He Could Run for President (Vid)

I think this man John Boehner may have what it takes and may just be a good candidate for the next President of these United States of America. I like his fierceness and fire to defend the people of this country. It really sickened me when the Democrats laughed out loud at him when he asked for a roll call for the votes. The Democrats are completely out of control and very disrespectful here in this video. They will pay for their disrespect in time.

Watch the full speech here, It's so dead on, this man gets it!

Video of the Year "Here's to You Mr. Jefferson" Fitting

After our Government just voted to Socialize our Health Care System this Video rings so very true! We need a Real Leader to stop this Marxist ideology of Total Government Control, this is a Suicidal course they are on! Thanks to Dancing Czars for the Video.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Economic Disaster - House Passes Health Care Bill

The House of Representatives has passed the Senate health care bill. The final vote is 219 to 212. No Republicans voted yes, 34 Democrats voted no.

When the House reached the magic number of 216 votes, the Democrats in the chamber burst into applause and began to chant, "Yes we Can." Obama watched the vote in the White House's Roosevelt Room with Vice President Joe Biden and about 40 staff aides. When the long sought 216th vote came in — the magic number needed for passage — the room burst into applause and hugs. An exultant president exchanged a high-five with his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel. Fox News Reports - Read more Here

This is one of the most tragic days in American History. The economic effects of this Bill passing will be devastating if it isn't stopped. Massive Tax increases on Businesses and families that make over 250k per year will make the costs of all goods and services go up. Businesses won't hire because of increased taxes and they will pass the extra costs on to the consumer. They are doing this at a time when the economy is at its worst since the great depression. Why didn't they focus on job creation before this was passed? This just makes me believe that they are intentionally trying to collapse the system with the "Cloward and Piven" (Google it) strategy. There is no concievable way that this will help our economy by adding another trillion dollars to the deficit and burdening our Businesses with much higher taxes. I will update this issue as events unfold. I fear for my country, may God help us all.

Sell Out - Stupak Fooled - Obama can't stop Abortion Funds

Dem. Stupak Sold Out on a lie from Obama. Once the Bill is passed and signed by the president it is the law. The executive order can not legally stop what the Bill makes law. Abortion funding would be upheld in any court of law after the Bill is signed. The President lied, or at least was very deceptive, imagine that. That's why he is called The Liar in Chief in my world.

Republican Paul Ryan explains executive order would not stand legally.

Shocking Video Lady Survives Freak Accident

Shocking footage of this accident shows her car pinned to the front of a Semi cruising down the freeway at over 60 mph. Rona Williams talks for first time about the incident. She talks about the experience and how grateful she is to be alive.
She called 911 and screams "I'm going to die!"

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Obama "Health Care most Important" not Jobs or Economy

Obama says "the most important domestic priority is going to be voted on this weekend or early next week." This where Obama and the lemming Democrats are wrong! Socialized Health Care is NOT the most important priority, the Economy and Jobs are the most important priority. Oh wait, I suppose if you want total Government Control of the People then the Government Take Over of Health Care is the Number One Priority isn't it!

Michele Bachmann Explains 'Kill the Bill Rally' in D.C.(Vid)

True Conservative and Great American Michele Bachmann explains what the 'Kill the Bill' Rally is all about very well here. Bachmann speaks for millions of Americans when she speaks out about the Health Care Bill. She believes that congressmen are taking note of the rally and even if the bill passes, she insists it will be repealed. Bachmann/Palin 2012! Below are links to more Kill the Bill videos if you want to see more great clips.

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Tea Party Patriots Storm the Capitol "Kill The Bill!" (Vid)

DC Tea Party sings National Anthem-Pledge of Allegiance

DC Tea Party sings National Anthem-Pledge of Allegiance

The Liberal media wants to call these great Americans Racist. These are the most patriotic and loyal Americans in this country fighting for all Americans Freedoms! God Bless all Tea Party Patriots! Keep Fighting!

USSR Defecter worried the USA is turning Communist(Vid)

This woman can see the threat Obama and his administration pose to our Freedoms, why can't all Americans see it? Regina Barker-Barzel escaped communist Russia in 1972 and came to the USA - Only to find a communist threat encroaching on America. It's time to stop Obama's "health care" reform and all his radical agenda. It's time to Wake up America!

Kill the Bill Rally in DC - Early Footage - Huge Crowd

Some early footage of the Kill the Bill Rally at DC. What a Huge Crowd! More Footage to come as soon as it's posted. Jon Voight gives a great speech. God Bless these Great American Patriots Fighting for our Freedom! We will take back our Country!

National Anthem

Jon Voight gives an excellent speech at the Kill the Bill rally

A walk through the Huge Crowd

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tea Party Patriots Storm the Capitol "Kill The Bill!" (Vid)

After John Boehner says "Health Care Bill Will 'Ruin' America" the Tea Party Patriots for Americans Freedom break out with cheers and loud "Kill The Bill" chants. I also attached the 'Kill the Bill' Rally Video link below, a must watch for anyone that loves America and their Freedom. This Bill puts our freedom in great jeopardy.

Must See Video Here: Kill the Bill Rally in DC - Early Footage - Huge Crowd

Levin "We will take ObamaCare to Court, Unconstitutional"(Vid)

Mark Levin (The Great One) Conservative Radio Talk Show Host and Constitutional Republican attorney/lawyer talks with Fox News Neil Cavuto about the Unconstitutional Government Takeover of Health Care with the use of Slaughter Rule Reconciliation vote. Even if they pass it the right way we will still challenge the requirement constitutionally that all citizens must buy into Health Care or be Fined/Punished by the Government. "We will take it to the Supreme Court if we have to."

'America's Comeback' Conservatives Will Fight! Video

Washington is increasingly trouncing on our freedoms. It’s time to fight back from the states. Join America's Comeback and return the Power Back to "We the People." The best health care system in the world is about to be taken over by the government that has repeatedly demonstrated that it can operate anything within a fiscally responsible budget. Everyone needs to get involved in the process so we can stop this Government Tyranny!

Rep. Barton "We are about to Unleash a Cultural War"(Vid)

Rep. Barton says "this Deem & Pass Process Corrupts and Prostitutes the System."
He addressed the Rules Committee on March 20th and he urged Democrats to stop using legislative tricks in their effort to pass the President's massive job-killing, tax-raising, care-rationing health bill.

Boehner: Citizens Do Not Want Obama Care speech(Vid)

John Boehner of Ohio says the bill "requires 10 years of tax increases and 10 years of Medicare cuts just to pay for six years of supposed benefits." The Republican Bill is much more of what the public wants but the Democrats know better than "We the People" until November of this year and again in 2012. We will never forget what the Democrats did to our country and they will pay a big price for a long, long time!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Unabomber has Higher Approval rating than members of Congress

This would be funny if it wasn't so deadly accurate. Conservative analyst Frank Luntz told Sean Hannity that the rubber-stamped Pelosi-Reid Congress has a lower approval rating than the Unabomber.

Another Dirty Bribe for Obama Care Vote in ND. (Vid)

The dirty sweetheart deals for Obama Care Votes continue as we speak. Rep. Pitts discusses a new special deal thrown into the health care reform bill at the last last minute. We now know what is very wrong with most of our elected officials, they are in it for personal gain over doing what is right. It's time to really clean house obviously!

Krauthammer: Tricks, Loop Holes in Final Govt Healthcare Push(Vid)

Dr. 'K' explains the reality of the Government Heath Care C.B.O. Numbers just released. He says he would believe the weather forecast for January 1st of the year 2020 before he would believe the projected Health Care numbers via the C.B.O. Bottom line is that the C.B.O. numbers are garbage, this Bill will destroy our country as we know it!

Politician "If you don’t tie our hands, We Will Keep Stealing"(Vid)

One Democrat is Brutally Honest at Least. Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello Admits Politicians are Committing Generational Theft.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Last Chance: Steve King Invites All to Stop Obama Care (Vid)

Glenn Beck has Congressman Steve King on to share his words of wisdom (at the 3:50 mark) about Liberals. King also invites all American Citizens to the Code Red Rally this Saturday as a last chance effort to stop This Corrupt Obama Care/ dirty vote to change America into a Socialist Country Forever. He also makes the excellent point that the Liberals have been saying that the Federal Government has no right to tell a woman what she can or can't do with her body for over 20 years. Now here we are in 2010 and the Liberals are saying that the Federal Government has every right to tell everyone in America what they can or can't do with their bodies. This is a stunning revelation if you think about it! The Liberals did a complete 180 degree turn around for Socialized Medicine and Education.

Does Sexy Violent Controversial Lady Gaga Video Go to Far?

Music video by Lady Gaga performing Telephone. Does this video go to far? Should MTV Ban it? I remember when they said the Madonna Music Videos went to far. The girl on girl kissing is close to crossing the line. Judge it for yourself.

Boehner "This Is Not About You Mr. President" - Video

March 18, 2010 - John Boehner "The President's latest ploy as he's dealing with Members trying to convince them to vote against their constituents and to vote with him, is to make the point that his presidency is on the line. Well, I'm sorry Mr. President, this isn't about you. It's not about the office you hold and it's not about the Speaker. This is about the American people and the health care system that they want for our country." Well said John, keep fighting!

Code Red Tea Party - Charles Lollar Rocks DC (Vid)

Charles Lollar fires up the crowd at the Code Red Tea Party Rally. The first video is his speech. The second video shows people swarming Charles after he gave his speech to shake his and offer their support. I wish I could shake his hand too, awesome speech. He has my vote!

(March 16, 2010) Hundreds of tea party protesters who gathered on Capitol Hill Tuesday were shuffling away from a series of speeches from lawmakers and organizers, all panning health care reform, when one final, unscheduled, speaker grabbed the megaphone.

Charles Lollar, a Maryland Republican running for Congress against House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, jumped up on a bench and gave the most impassioned and well-received speech of the day.

The crowd swarms Charles to give him their support and shake his hand.

Obama "We have to include the people in the process" 08

Once again Obama lies. He said repeatedly throughout his campaign that the people need to be involved in the "Process" but now that isn't the case at all. Despite the majority of Americans that do not want Government controlled Health Care he will sign the Bill. He said he doesn't care about the "process" and that he would sign the Obama Health Care Takeover no matter how it passes. Ladies and Gentlemen we have a Marxist Dictator for a President. "We the People" are no concern for these Kings and Queens occupying our political system. Throw them All Out! Except for the very few republicans that have been true conservatives.

Related: Obama Has his first tough Interview with Fox News (Vid)

Thanks to Breitbart TV

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obama Has his first tough Interview with Fox News (Vid)

Obama finally gets an unbiased Interview with tough questions from Bret Baier. At the 6:41 mark of the first clip of the interview Obama says the "Louisiana Purchase also effects Hawaii who went through an the Earth Quake." Hawaii hasn't had an Earth Quake of any damaging magnitude in 35+ years going back to 1975 or so. Obama needed his teleprompter for this interview obviously. He was on edge for the entire interview and seemed defensive most of the time. The President didn't seem to mind the unconstitutional process called "Slaughter" or "Deeming" either. He said how ever it passes he will sign the bill. This sure isn't the same Obama that railed against political trickery during his campaign that's for sure! What a traitor to our Constitution and our Fore Fathers! Obama always has to pass the buck to the Republicans to justify why Democrats are breaking the rules or unprecedented spending barriers. All these Democrats that are voting for a Bill they haven't even read yet need to be Sh*t canned A.S.A.P.!

Part 1

Part 2

'Deeming' Obama Care Passed Without a Vote = Fraud

Nancy Pelosi and the sneaky Democrats are considering using a backdoor trick to pass Obama Care without actually having a final vote on the (unwanted) Bill itself.
This is a brilliant explanation of this administrations effort to force the Health Care Take Over through regardless of what "We the People" want. We do NOT want this! PJTV explains very well what Obama and his Marxist Thugs are trying to do to us in this video. Check out the lower video to see all the Lies Obama made about Health Care too.

Liar in Chief-Recap Health Care Lies-Broken Promises Extravaganza