Friday, October 11, 2019

Democrat Spits In Face Of Trump Supporter! Video

It takes a lot to keep restraint after such a nasty thing like being spat upon. That punk needs his ass handed to him! Aren't Democrat's Grand!

Trump Witch Hunt's Better Stop!

Anyone still trying to frame President Trump should be charged with Treason and prosecuted! If found guilty execute them! 

What a double standard!
Obama had Democrat's seal his records and he was untouchable! 

Trump can be assaulted relentlessly for 3 years with zero proof of any crime? Since when can someone be assumed guilty until proven innocent? 

We have already lost our country! We are not equal under the law! 

Democrat's are protected while everyone else can be framed by the Democrat Mobsters and tossed in prison! The revolution is coming my friends.... and enemies!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Facebook Violates Free Speech Rights ~ Deport All Muslim's

Facebook Banned Me For Posting These Facts and my opinion!

My personal opinion is that all Muslim's should be deported. Islam is not compatible with our culture or our society. I wrote a piece earlier that lays out the facts that the leftist establishment media and academia doesn't want American's to know.

Can a devout Muslim be a good American? I submit that the answer to this extremely important question is “No.”

This is simply because the values of Islam are fundamentally incompatible with the values of the United States of America which has been formed and shaped by Judeo-Christian values.

First, America celebrates the free exercise of religion. Islam does not. The first fundamental liberty our Founders protected in the Bill of Rights is the freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own conscience. In Islam, you are only allowed, under penalty of death, to worship Allah according to the dictates of Mohammed’s conscience.

It is still a capital crime in virtually all Muslim countries to convert from Islam to Christianity. In many Muslim countries, such as our main Arab ally, Saudi Arabia, it is a capital crime to worship Christ with other believers, even in clandestine settings.

Second, America reveres the God of the Bible, while Islam does not. Despite their differences, our Founders were united by a powerful and shared belief in the Creator revealed in the Judeo-Christian tradition. At the time of the founding, 99.8% of the population of the colonies identified with the Christian religion (the other 0.2% followed Judaism). Still today the vast majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians. Islam does not share with us this unifying faith, and worships a different god altogether.

America was founded on a reverence for the Judeo-Christian God, the source of all our inalienable rights. The Creator-God the Founders worshiped has an only-begotten Son. But devout Muslims worship a different god altogether, for, as banners all across the Muslim world declare, “Allah has no son.”

The apostle Paul frequently refers to God in his letters as “the father of our Lord Jesus Christ” to distinguish him from the pagan gods. Those who lamely try to claim Christians and Muslims worship the same God are theologically illiterate.

Simply put, the Founders worshiped the God of the Bible, and Muslims do not.

Third, America, shaped by Christian thought, believes in the use of persuasion while Islam does not. This is true whether we are seeking to convince someone to share a religious or political point of view. But Islam teaches that its cause is to be advanced primarily at the point of the sword.

Both Christianity and Islam have global aims. But the driving energy in Christianity is to win the world through love and persuasion while Islam seeks to subdue the world through force. The only choices given to Christians under Islam are to convert, submit, or die.

Simply put, Christian America believes in persuasion, while Islam believes in raw power.

Fourth, Christian America cherishes liberty as a fundamental value while Islam does not. One of the mottos of the Founders in our battle with Britain was, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom 3:16.” The mark of a Christian nation is a hunger for liberty and freedom inspired by the Spirit of liberty.

Where the spirit of Islam is, there is only darkness, repression and tyranny. In Islam, there is no political or religious liberty of any kind.

This is why, by the way, it is fundamentally misguided for Americans to think we can build nations in the Muslim world that love democracy and a republican form of government, for the simple reason that the Holy Spirit of God, the Spirit of liberty and freedom, can’t be found in Islamic countries.

The spirit that is active in Islam is a heavy, malevolent and oppressive spirit which despises freedom and thinks of it as weakness.

Only a people whose values have been shaped by the Spirit of liberty will hunger for freedom, whether of the religious or political kind. Christianity values liberty while Islam values subjugation, control and domination.

Fifth, Christian America believes in the dignity and worth of women while Islam does not. While Christianity does teach that men and women have different but complementary roles in the home and in the church, Christianity believes that women are the full equal of men in worth, dignity and value.

Christianity teaches husbands to love their wives, as Christ loved his bride, the church. Just as Christ laid down his life for his bride, so Christian husbands are taught to lay down their very lives to protect and serve their brides.

But Islam teaches husbands that they may literally beat their wives into submission if they get out of line. Prominent Islamic imams deliver entire sermons devoted to the subject of how these beatings are to be administered. Simply put, Christian America believes husbands should treat their wives with respect and honor, while Islam does not.

Wives are taught in Christianity to willingly submit to the leadership of their husbands in the home. You will look in vain, however, for any instruction to husbands to compel their wives to submit. Submission, in Christianity, is a matter between a wife and God rather than between a wife and her husband. What motivates a wife to submit to her husband, according to Scripture, is her reverence for Christ, not her fear of a beating.)

This is why Christian America is aghast at the entire concept of Islamic “honor killings,” in which wives and daughters may be brutally murdered to restore “honor” to the family. In Islamic thought, it can be a capital offense for a young woman to date a non-Muslim, to refuse to wear a hijab, and even (in one case here in America) to take a fast-food job at Wendy’s.

Even more incomprehensible to Christian America, in Islamic thought victims of rape bring shame to their families simply by being the target of a brutal sexual crime. They often are subject to a second crime of violence, homicide this time, to restore the family’s reputation.

Even more reprehensibly, the murder is carried out by male members of their own families, males who, in Christian thought, have a sacred responsibility to nurture and protect. And this is not as rare as you might think. The U.N. estimates that 5,000 honor killings take place around the world every year under the influence of Islam.

Values such as liberty, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, a shared faith in the Creator, persuasion, and female worth and dignity are absolutely essential, non-negotiable parts of what it means to be an American. These values reflect the essence of the American spirit and the American experiment. Without these values, America is not America, and is not the country bequeathed us by the Founding Fathers.

The religion of Mohammed shares none of these values, and as long as a Muslim clings to the values of his religion, he cannot embrace the values of America. In fact, the only way a Muslim can become a good American is by forsaking Islam altogether.

All this raises grave and urgent questions about the capacity of Muslims to assimilate into American culture. Europe is now realizing with alarm that Muslims have no intention of becoming Europeans but insist on having their own enclaves and traditions and even their own shariah court systems. The fracturing of European culture is already too far advanced to be stopped. Europe is likely to be majority Muslim by mid-century, at which point European civilization will be but a distant memory preserved only in dusty and forbidden books.

Here in America, cities such as Dearborn, Michigan have virtually become Islamic cities where far more TVs are tuned to Al Jazeera than CNN or Fox News. In Hamtramck, Michigan, the Islamic call to prayer is sounded all over the city five times a day while nary a church bell is to be heard because it offends Muslims.

It’s not too late for America to recognize the threat posed by unbridled Islamic immigration and to do something about it. And do something we must, lest we be reduced to recalling for our grandchildren what America was like when America was America.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Red Flag Legislation = Targeting Conservatives

If Trump approves Red Flag legislation he will be making a huge mistake. 

He needs to address mental illness. All these mass killing shooters exhibited warning signs to friends and family but nothing was done. 

If they pass red flag laws government will abuse its power. They always do. 

Many veterans and people that are passionate about our freedoms will be red flagged and when they show up to take their guns they will not surrender them without a fight. 

Innocent people will be targeted based on political affiliation. They have targeted conservatives for execution already. This will be the tool that allows them to round us up and silence us. 

I have said things that many leftists would call 'red flag'. When they weaponize language usage anyone they want to remove from our society can now happen. Of course in the name of public safety. 

President Trump will lose votes if he gets suckered into this legislation.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Inconvienient Truth About Islam

As well articulated as I have ever heard. If you think Muslims are peaceful you must watch this.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Democrat's Should Be Asamed Of Themselves

Michael Knowles explains why Democrat's are the Liars and the real racists. Brilliant! Someone with no sense of shame never feels shame, therefore restraint is never a consideration for them, and they are never burdened with guilt over their actions or behavior. Russia didn’t work Stormy Daniels didn’t work Tax returns didn’t work Falsely labeling Trump a racist won’t work either

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Robert Mueller is Guilty of Hate Crimes and Treason!

Mueller is GUILTY of Hate Crimes against President Donald J. Trump. Prosecute him for TREASON! Democrat Free Pass will be Given as always!

Guilty Until Proven Innocent! Democrat's Have Changed The Rule of Law Because They Hate Trump!

Democrat's have changed the rule of law. Since when does the prosecutor have to prove the defendant is innocent? If he can't find evidence of guilt he has nothing! Noooooo! Instead these hate filled idiots say they can't prove Trump is innocent! See why I call them Mobsters? Leftism is a mental disorder driven by extreme hate.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

I Fear For Our Future

Unfortunately most people are brainwashed sheep that will never leave the Democrat plantation. They want to be slaves to the Federal leviathan. I can't fix stupid. I can only present the facts and the truth. They have to decide whether to start thinking or not. Most resist because they are incapable of critical thinking skills.

Friday, July 12, 2019

The List Of President Trump's Accomplishments So Far. Epic!


The List Of President Trump's Accomplishments So Far: Keep this list handy for the next time you get into a argument with a Trump hater, or sed this to them:


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Melania Trump Why Do They hate Her So Much?

The national media want people to hate her and President Trump. It looks like they are brainwashing people pretty good. The Sheeple aren't smart enough to see they are being manipulated. All the great things he has done and he still gets 99% negative news coverage. Same goes for our classy beautiful intelligent first lady. It's bad enough that for the past 30 to 40 years generations of children (many now adults) have been indoctrinated in public schools and colleges to hate America, God, our founding fathers, our Constitution and American Exceptionalism. Now we see the results. Braindead leftists full of hate. So much hate they can't see the truth. Spoiled, Arrogant, Self Entitled Brats that think government is the solution to every perceived problem. These are who I call Sheeple. Don't be that sheep. Self education is the only way to know the complete truth. We are losing our country because people are to lazy to educate themselves. God Bless The USA! God bless President Trump and his beautiful family. Trump 2020 or BUST!

Tommy Robinson Jailed For Telling The Truth - Exposing Islamic Rape Epidemic In UK

Jailed for telling the truth! Government Silences Tommy Robinson For Exposing Islamic Rape Epidemic in UK. The USA will jail us too in time. If telling the truth offends anyone you too can go to jail!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Fast and Furious victims speak out for first time in decade, demand justice!


T.E.A. Party! Taxed Enough Already!

We are over taxed already! When you pay off your house you never own it. If you fail to pay your never ending property taxes they take your home from you.
Taxed until death and then they tax you and or your children to pay for your funeral.
They tax your income. Tax you when you spend your income. Tax you for investing, tax you when you take it out. Tax you on the interest you made.
Food tax. Gas tax.
40% Luxury tax if you get a profit sharing/bonus check from your employer. Restaurant tax if you eat out.
Social Security taxes paid for my entire life and I may get nothing as they changed the rules and stole it all to pay for more government corruption.
The taxes are out of control already!
Socialism works great until you run out of other people's money. Venezuela is the latest example of how well it works.
Pray Trump gets reelected or we are done as a Constitutional Republic.
God bless America and the patriots ready to fight and die to keep our country a Freedom Loving Constitutional Republic!

Keep America Great! TRUMP 2020!