Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yahoo Message Boards Ends Free Speech

Well I have a beef with Yahoo and Yahoo Message Boards, that might seem silly at first but is no laughing matter if You think Free Speech is a right that everyone should have in the U.S.A. To make a long story short I have used Yahoo Message Boards for about 6+ years and as many of you already know I am a Conservative and I posted my thoughts and opinions on Yahoo M/B in the Politics Section (Fuce66) for as I said over 6 years with no problems until 4 days ago. I have tried to contact Yahoo about why I can't express my views and they give me generic emails that say I need to check for Spy-ware or Viruses but I am not Stupid. I checked everything and upon further investigation into the error code 999 (that I always get when I try to post) it is a block put on my IP address so I can't post messages. I am a good person and I treat all with respect or I simply put them on the ignore list as to avoid childish conflict and save me time. In short I feel Yahoo Banned me from the Message Boards because I am a Conservative and I do not like Obama's Policies at all!

So when you hear about the media and other communication outlets silencing critics of the Obama Administration you should believe it is True because I am a perfect example. Yahoo is big and powerful and can shut anyone up they choose to, at least on their Message Board. The Little people are being discarded by the Huge Government Conglomerate in all respects and on many levels. Yahoo will hear me one way or another!

Stand up to D.C. and the Huge Corporations that are treating us all like we are meaningless and stupid!


Anonymous said...

Faust, I wondered where you went.
Liberals gone wild

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil!

We're with you buddy!

Can you contact your provider and get a new IP?


Philip Faustman v said...

Yes my friends of Yahoo Message Boards I have been booted from the M/B until I can change my IP address, I have tried everything except pay more for a static IP address. If you can copy and paste this article on the Yahoo Message Boards for me and tell all my friends and Obots I said Hi...lol!