Monday, August 10, 2009

Government Shopaholic Syndrome and Affirmative Action Stupidity

When is it time for our Government Officials to be held accountable for it's Reckless Spending? The USA is broke! We have No Money in the Bank Yet we can Borrow 2 Billion from China to continue the Cash for Clunkers (stupid idea).

Our Government is much like an Addicted Shopaholic that can't resist the temptation to continue to Borrow to Spend more and more. Now the Government wants to Buy Private Jets to the tune of 550 Million that our Children and Grand Children will have to Repay.

The Democrats are wondering why The American People are showing up at events and expressing their discontent for Wasteful Government Spending and Socialist Government Take Over of all things. We are called Right Wing Extremists and The Evil Mob because they hate People that Think for themselves and do not want Bigger Government and Less Freedoms and Rights!

Obama would rather have a Civil War to get his Government Health Care and Cap and Tax Bills passed. He is encouraging the Unions and His supporters to go to the Town Hall meetings and fight as we have seen .

Obama is every bit the Socialist Radical Extremist that many of us knew he was before the election last year. This just shows how Affirmative Action is a Failure when it comes to picking the Best Person for a Job based on Qualifications. We are putting people in powerful high government positions based on skin color instead of what is most important, Qualifications.

H/T Gateway Pundit/FoxNews/philforhumanity

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