Friday, August 7, 2009

John Conyers/Politicians Please Listen To Us !

Hello Mr Conyers,

I am writing to you in regards to the Government Health Care Bill and Cap and Tax. If You vote for the Health Care Bill or Cap and Trade in any form I Will Not Vote for You or any other politician that votes for it ever again!

Government is Out of Control and Corrupt beyond comprehension and it's only getting worse! Our so called elected representatives are NOT listening to their constituents on any level that is why "We the People" are starting to stand up and make our voices heard. Some politicians are so out of touch with the real world that they are calling concerned citizens "Radical Extremists" and "Angry Mobsters"! I ask You if your voice wasn't heard would you be upset and angry? Yes of course you would be, that is how we feel. If You don't have time to read The Bill and understand what you are signing why would You Ever sign it? Would you buy a car or a house without ever looking it over? I doubt it. The problem is that politicians are very eager to appease each other for personal gain while spending other peoples money and not really knowing what they are spending it on.

We needed change in politics but this is the opposite of what we needed. Bush spent to much in his term but Obama is spending like Bush on Steroids. The Special Interest Groups run this Country now NOT our elected Representatives. The Main Stream Media is covering for Obama as it always has. The only real news on T.V. is FOX NEWS, the rest are in bed with Obama and the Radical Agenda of the likes of G.E. George Soros, ACORN, S.E.I.U. and others. Conservative Talk Radio is the only other News outlet that can be considered truthful. If we had any real Leaders in D.C. we would be hearing about Pay raises being frozen for all until the economy gets better. The Stimulus Bill only Stimulated Government Growth and made the Huge (Hole) Deficit deeper for our future generations to get out of. What Obama and the Democrats are doing is committing Generational Theft! We Can Not Spend Our Way Out Of Bankruptcy! Common Sense is no where near Washington D.C.!

I really hope you read this and consider listening to the people! Turn away the special interest favors and kick-backs/perks, and do the right thing!

P.F.F. V

Find your local representatives to write a letter here>>

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