Friday, August 14, 2009

Obama’s Nemesis: Getting The Numbers Right

The Obama Administration can’t seem to do its math homework:

“Before presenting tennis legend Billie Jean King with the Medal of Freedom Wednesday, President Obama ticked off some of her accomplishments: 12 Grand Slam titles, 101 doubles titles, 67 singles titles.

“Pretty good, Billie Jean,” he quipped.***But he didn’t get any of it right, according to King herself.

Asked what Obama got wrong, she said, “Well the Grand Slam’s at 39 not at 12.”

Billie Jean laughed it off but information like how many Grand Slams King has won is readily available at her website.

If Obama’s staff can’t get little things like this right, what about big things like health care?

Great Point!

H/T Patterico's Pontifications

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