Thursday, December 31, 2009

Limbaugh declared dead by leading 'encyclopedia'

Wikipedia pronounced Rush Limbaugh dead at least two times today – and the free "encyclopedia" relied on information from a spoof blog that later declared the talk radio icon had become a "vampire" who craves "virgin's blood."

Just this morning around 8 a.m. EST, Wikipedia announced, "It has been reported that Limbaugh has died in a Hawaii hospital." (Click image to enlarge)

The announcement was later removed from Limbaugh's Wikipedia profile. Then a death date appeared on Limbaugh's Wikipedia profile again at 1:24 p.m. EST.

The so-called "encyclopedia" linked only one source for its claim: the Blanca DeBree Blog. On Dec. 30, the blog issued an obituary, declaring,
"Rush Limbaugh dead at age 58."

The following is a screenshot of the original blog posting:

Only a day later, the Blanca DeBree Blog poked fun of Limbaugh's condition with a new posting, "Rush Limbaugh's condition upgraded to undead."

"Rush Limbaugh, media titan and conservative talk show host, was rushed to the hospital in Hawaii yesterday complaining of chest pains. He was admitted in serious condition. His condition deteriorated, and several hours later he was placed in critical condition. Shortly before midnight he was declared dead," blogger Blanca DeBree wrote. "This morning doctors at Queens Medical Center upgraded his condition from dead to undead."

But DeBree doesn't stop there. The blogger writes that as nurses prepared the body for removal, Limbaugh came back to life.

"Mr. Limbaugh appeared to regain consciousness and started to complain about socialized healthcare, calling the staff a bunch of Obamacommunists, and asking one African-American nurse to take the bone out of her nose so she could b--w him."

DeBree said Limbaugh had no pulse, respiration or temperature.

"Additionally, he no longer cast a reflection in any mirror, and seemed to be greatly disturbed by a crucifix pendant one of the younger nurses was wearing around her neck," the blogger wrote. "It was then that Mr. Limbaugh began to request unusual objects, such as a coffin and earth from his lair. He also started to have cravings for virgin's blood."

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