Thursday, December 24, 2009

Obama "The Liar in Chief" Video

Obama is a damn LIAR! Transparency? Public debates on CSPAN? No More Earmarks? The public will have 5 days to read every Bill online before any Bill will be signed? This Man is all about Government Control of the People! We are Broke and yet this administration keeps spending at an all time record pace. Name one Government operated entity that has been cost neutral or profitable? There are NONE! Obama just made a fraudulent monstrosity much Bigger!
Check out the video links at the bottom that show Obama's compulsive lies!

This video points out the facts and the many lies of Obama, it's stunning!

This entire video below is a bunch of Lies! Obama is indeed The Liar in Chief!

Watch Obama Lie to America

Obama spews Lie after Lie


JB said...

I feel sick to my stomach

PFFV said...

Rightfully so JB, Obama's continual lies should make everyone wise up as well. It may be time for a 3rd party (Tea Party) if the Republican's don't come out and proclaim themselves to be a newly invigorated party that is going to repeal all that Obama has screwed up. If they don't make a group effort in the next 2 to 3 months to show Americans they are going to be the Party of The People and of the Constitution the "Tea Party" will form and many will flock to join the real party of "We The People"!
Republicans had better wake up and come out against Obama's policies in group fassion and soon!
Sarah Palin is the answer!

JB said...

I couldnt agree with you more PFFV "We The People" I havnt seen the Republicans or Democrates live by that motto in along time, Im tired of it and ready for real change Sarh Palin 2012

Amusing Bunni said...

Just like the Devil, Obama is the King of Lies!
I can't even stand to watch and/or listen to him anymore. I'm trying to make by blog more fun lately, cause all the news out of DC is just BAD!

I hope you and your family, friends and readers had the Best Christmas ever, and I wish you a Happy, Prosperous New Year in 2010. Take Care!

PFFV said...

Right on JB! I hear that Bunni...and hope You and your Family have a wonderful Holiday Season as well, be safe my friend.