Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ron Paul: "Terrorist hate us because we are occupiers"

One of a many reasons I do not care for Ron Paul. If this latest Terrorist acted out because the USA is an occupier as Ron Paul stated; there is no U.S. occupation of Yemen or Nigeria where this Terrorist is from. Sheila Jackson Lee continues her Liberal Idiocy and rationalizes the Failure of this administration to keep America safe. Ben Stein is the only one with any Common Sense in this conversation, it's to bad he wasn't allowed to make his point.


Reaganite Republican said...

Ron Paul is a loon, LOL

Are people really serious about nominating this guy for the WH?

Just come to Iowa in 2011 Ron... that is if you don't mind being humiliated by a woman

PFFV said...

He certainly doesn't stand a chance against the likes of Sarah Palin or any other Conservative common sense thinker that's for sure. Sarah 2012!