Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Resting Comfortably in Hospital - Vid.

Great news for Rush Limbaugh fans and well wishers, Rush seems to be fine. I would like to say something to all those jerks that wished Rush Limbaugh would die and all the Evil comments made by many sorry individuals saying it was Karma and much worse things that I won't repeat here. You are all Pathetic losers that don't even really listen to Rush, because if you did and you were of average intelligence or above you would know his message is a good one with the best interests of the American People front and center as his Priority. I like many thought that I didn't like Rush Limbaugh (a long time ago) before I really listened to what he was saying and dismissed the seemingly arrogant delivery that is his style as many know. I am proud to say Rush is a mentor of mine and he is a Great Man for doing what he does. I hope he lives another 50 years to drive Liberals Insane! God Bless You Rush!

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