Sunday, January 31, 2010

Axelfraud defends Obama SOTU Supreme Ct. Bashing-Vid

Yes, this Constitutional opinion blows the doors off your Union thugs power grab. We get it! The Supreme Courts decision was a win for First Amendment freedom of speech rights plain and simple.
Historically Corporate America has always been 50/50 on party donations. It's the Unions that give 95% to the Liberals/Anti-Americans.

Shaking your head and mouthing the words “that’s not true” isn’t a “outburst”!

People are sick and tired of a year’s worth of being lied to, and programs being foisted on them that will wreck this nation, their livelihood and what’s left in their wallets, which is getting-down to almost nothing. Watch this Liar Axelfraud support The Liar in Chief: WARNING *You may need a Barf Bag*

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