Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chris Matthews: Every Single ‘Teabagger’ in America Is White

This liberal piece of human excrement is absolutely brainless. Like Anderson Cooper he seems a little too familiar with tea bagging. Maybe something he partakes of regularly as he fantasizes about it being Barry. What a vile piece of garbage? News flash Tingles…NO ONE is watching your show.

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Video from Breitbart TV


Reaganite Republican said...

SO WHAT if they were white, anyway- who cares?

Does that count for less in your world, somehow? Are they out of fashion, Chris?

When there’s a legalization rally in LA, does Fox News ever say “yeah, but it was just a bunch of Mexicans”-?

What a waste of time you are, Tingles- you big dope. Keep your self-loathing to yourself, I’ve got no reason to make any apologies for my heritage… same as anybody else.

PFFV said...

Exactly right, Matthews is a hard leftist that only wants to hear what he believes. Typical closed minded Libtard! They never listen therefore thay never learn.