Monday, January 18, 2010

Coakley failed to release innocent man-but lets child rapist go!

Breitbart Reports - Politico: In the 1980s, Violet Amirault and her children, Gerald Amirault and Cheryl Amirault LeFave, were convicted of sexually abusing several children at their day care facility. The cases came at the height of the 1980s sex abuse panic, leading to false convictions across the country based on improper questioning of children, mass hysteria about sex abuse and Satan worship, and bogus “recovered-memory” psychotherapy. [Martha] Coakley didn’t prosecute the Amiraults; her former boss Scott Harshbarger did. But the case against the family began to come apart during her tenure as district attorney. Despite a parole board’s 5-0 recommendation to grant Gerald Amirault clemency and mounting doubts about the evidence against him, Coakley publicly and aggressively lobbied then-Gov. Jane Swift to deny Amirault relief. Amirault remained in prison.

MA Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley, her party's supposedly "best" nominee for the Senate, recommended that a convicted child rapist be released with no cash bail despite the plethora of evidence that he raped a 23-month-old girl with a hot, curling iron. This...ahem...misjudgment by the then-DA occurred in 2006, but stemmed from an October 2005 case in which a policeman whose union-representative father steered lots of endorsements and donations to the Coakley for AG campaign raped a 23-month-old toddler, also his own niece! This story ought to be front-and-center in the mainstream, liberal media, but it isn't because it would be too damning for Coakley. MA voters ought to ask themselves, Do we want a woman whose office recommended releasing a convicted child rapist as our senator? Report by Associated Content

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