Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conservative Blogosphere Shout Out - Top 10

#1 My friend James at The Reaganite Republican: always makes me laugh with his Right-Wing Sunday Comics! This Blog is, in my opinion, one of the best, if not the best Conservative Blog to keep your eye on. James has great balance and is all over the issues.

#2 Outstsanding blog, Jumping in Pools: A critical review of The Daily Caller.

#3 One of the most adorable blogs, Amusing Bunni's Musings Firefighters Rescue Kitties!

#4 Excellent blog, Another Black Conservative: Harry Reid will pay no price for his Negro comment

#5 Cutting edge blog, Left Coast Rebel: The Mini Ice Age Starts Here: Will the Chicken Little Alarmists Gather to Fleece Trillions?

#6 Always great conservative blog, Riehl World View: Scott Brown Moneybomb Today

#7 Newly found blog, Caught him with a corndog: 56% Complete

#8 Great stuff blog, Wake up America: The Politics Of The Global Warming Lie

#9 Another new and interesting blog, American Power: Arguments in Perry v. Schwarzenegger

#10 Very original and excellent blog, Dancing Czars: Resistance Is NOT Futile: Forgotten Lessons from the Nullification Crisis

There are so many great conservative blogs out there but I wanted to point out the most important ones that I feel have the pulse of what is important in our world today.

Of course there are the bigtime conservative blogs Gateway Pundit, The Breitbart Group of Breitbart.com, Breitbart TV, Big Government, Big Hollywood, and the new Big Journalism, Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, and many more greats.

Together we can change the disasterous course that our nation is on that will destroy everything our Founding Fathers Fought and Died for. True Conservatism is the only hope for our future generations. We Will Not Fail!


Reaganite Republican said...

Looks like we've got a lot of the same faves, sir- great minds think alike!

And thanks for the mention, greatly appreciated- keep up the good work here, my friend...

PFFV said...

Thanks James and I will never stop fighting. Our only hope is a True Conservative revolution to sweep the United States and purge Progressive ideology. I fear dark days ahead though, I pray that I am wrong.
Thanks for all that you do as well my friend.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi PffV;
I just want to say thank you so much for your very kind words and your linking me in this great post!
You made my night, and yes, you are right, I do truly love animals - they need people to look out for them.

You have a great list here, and I follow and enjoy lots of these fine blogs, and you are quite right about James too. Your Blog is also a breath of fresh air and truth in the Blogosphere. Keep up the great fight....like you I fear for America, but I think we will win. God Bless!

Red said...

Thanks for the shout out! It's always fun being the 'newbie' ;-D

PFFV said...

Thanks Bunni I will be a life long follower of yours and I think we can beat back the corruptocrats and get back to conservative values eventually.
Hey Red welcome and thanks for the comments. I'm a newbie too by most bloggers standards...lol! We need all the newbies we can get! Don't be a stranger and have a great 2010!