Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gibbs Backed into a Corner by Press over "Transparency"

The PILLSBURY DOUGH BOY (Video Below) is the Presidential Press Secretary? This man is a complete idiot, he would be fired in the private sector! The biggest, most far reaching legislation in half a century and the public is completely shut out. The only thing transparent is the corruption and deceit that is going on.

This entire administration and all Democrats as well as most Republicans need to be Sh*t canned as soon as possible! Obama has lied to us from day one and has broken every promise except "We are going to Fundamentally Transform America" this is the only promise has kept and I think most Americans (poll numbers) don't like it. Everyone I know says Obama and our Government is nothing but a bunch of self serving mobsters/thugs and I agree with them. It's time for a revolution at the voting booths of this nation! Clean House in 2010 & 2012! Vote for True Conservative’s only!

H/T Breitbart TV

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