Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Glenn Beck confronts our Enemy: The Obama Mobsters!

Liberals have no facts to point out Glenn Beck's supposed Lies. Obama and his Mobsters are Liars and Treasonous Traitors that should be questioned by our Main Stream Media but the MSM is as corrupt as the Politicians trying to destroy our Country. Glenn Beck has broke story after story about the corrupt media and the mobsters all in the same bed with Obama and his marxist agenda! Glenn has the Red Phone always ready for the White House to refute any of his reports. Of course the White House can email MSNBC repeatedly and almost daily to dictate their reporting but can't phone Glenn Beck's program to point out the supposed lies that he has told people? If Glenn is such a Liar why doesn't the White House ever point out one single Lie?
Of Course Glenn is correct and Obama and His Posse of Thugs are a Marxist Pile of Excrement!

"The Truth Will Set You Free"


Amusing Bunni said...

I watched this series from Glenn Today.
It's wonderful, he's really fired up!
The red phone is waiting for obummer to call,
he never will!
Are you on youtube? I subscribe to BuckFarack, who posts all the Glenn Vid's right when they come up, good if you don't have cable.

PFFV said...

Yes BuckFarack is the one that posted this exact series...lol! Small world isn't it? Ge=reat minds think alike Bunni...you obviously are in the great catagory wink...wink...Smiles here. See you soon hun.