Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes: X-rated Ricky Gervais jokes...Video

During rehearsals, Ricky Gervais promised his Golden Globe bosses that he'd leave out his most controversial jokes but the British comedian certainly didn't keep his word when the cameras started rolling.
The Office star set all of Hollywood in his sights as he opened the 67th Annual Golden Globes last night, taking a swipe at everyone from Mel Gibson to Angelina Jolie with some X-rated comments thrown in about himself.

Even fellow Brit Sir Paul McCartney wasn't spared, with Gervais making fun of his costly divorce from ex-wife, Heather Mills. Very Funny Guy...enjoy.


Amusing Bunni said...

Crap, the video is no longer available PffV
maybe you can find another one.

I watched some of it, and I like Ricky!
The mel gibson swipe was funny.

PFFV said...

Oops Sorry Bunni and all, here is another mirror source and it's good for now. Thanks for telling me it was down. All good now thanks to you...smiles. I hope all is well.