Saturday, January 30, 2010

Marc Thiessen: Terrorist told us to Waterboard all like him(Vid)

Nobody is killing more Muslims than other Muslims. Moreover, Nancy Pelosi approved water boarding and all other techniques, and also asked if we could do more!

Pelosi, and the rest of the progressive leftists, only changed her mind after they thought they could score political points and bash Bush. They lie and continue to do so! (More comments below)

Part 1

Part 2

There is a reason why military tactics and operations were kept secret for 200+ years. Most civilians do not understand the reality of war and the brutality of our enemies because we have been sheltered from it here in our Free Country. This is why we had top secret status for many things in our C.I A. and Special Operations. Liberals demand to know everything and that's why we are dealing with this water-boarding issue today. I think the best way to look at this issue is to say if you had family members that were held hostage by terrorists in an unknown location and you had captured a known terrorist operative would you be willing to make him/her uncomfortable so they would provide information that could tell you where your loved ones could be located? Anyone that is honest would say absolutely and most would do more than water-boarding I would bet on it! Terrorists are not Americans with Rights and Privileges as the Liberals want you to buy into. Guantanimo Bay should be kept open to house known enemy combatants until the war is over and I don't buy into the rhetoric that it's a recruiting tool either. Terrorists hate us because of our way of life and freedom in all regards. Closing Gitmo will not make us safer at all, in fact it will bring the terrorists right here in the USA to be tried as American Citizens. The odds are very high that many will get off on technicalities and be free to commit jihad right within our borders. Liberals have no clue what they are doing it's obvious! Look at our country today after over a year of liberal leadership, it's a disaster and only getting much worse! By the time Conservatives get power back this country will be on life support near extinction! May God Help Us All!

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