Tuesday, January 12, 2010

McCain Defends Sarah Palin - Blows Off Matt Lauer (Vid)

I wish McCain would have been this aggressive going after Obama's radical associations in the 2008 campaign. "Look, I wouldn't know what the sources are, nor care. I do know--I do know that I'm proud of my campaign, I'm proud of Sarah Palin, I'm proud of the job that we did, and I will always be grateful for having her has my running mate and the support we got from millions of Americans. Okay?"

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Amusing Bunni said...

I thought the same thing when I saw him, I think they played some more, or a replay, this morning, I'll have to look around! I like when people talk back to lauer, even if it is this RINO!

PFFV said...

Even though I like McCain for defending Sarah he is a pathetic Republican just like Lindsey Graham they both want Cap and Trade which is nothing but a Scam on the American People! I think they are both for amnesty for illegals too if i'm not mistaken. The Cap and Tax is enough to tell me they need to go regardless...lol! Purge the fake Republicans ASAP!