Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Letter to Glenn Beck about Unfairness to Scott Brown

I am one of your biggest fans Glenn and you went over the top with your Scott Brown bashing my friend. I have never disagreed before like I do with you on this issue. As a matter of fact I have never disagreed with you until this issue. I have listened/watched you for over 3 years and have held you in my highest regard.

I have a daughter and I don't think what Scott Brown said in his victory speech warrants this kind of over reaction from You, especially on your radio program, dead intern? Chastity belt?(Video Below). Glenn you are wrong, Scott Brown was not totally nude for the world to see in Cosmopolitan Magazine either, keep in mind that this was way back in June of 1982 almost 28 years ago. You had some personal issues yourself not that long ago as you often tell us, your fans, but do we criticize you for having past problems? I put You on my highest respected people's list and you let me down a bit here. You should have been celebrating Scott Brown's victory but for some reason you are bashing him, not a good move in my opinion Glenn. I love all the great work you have done to expose the truth and corruption in our government but this was rather demeaning to Scott Brown and quite frankly more demeaning to you because it made you like you were jealous or something. I hope you can understand where I, as a big fan, am coming from because I still love you brother. I am still your loyal fan and think you just got a little off track on this one. Heck you can't always be dead were bound to slip up eventually.

Take care my friend....

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